Maxum HEPA-120


  • 500 CFM
  • True HEPA ~ 99.97% Efficient
  • 900 gram carbon / 2.5 inch filter
  • Best Table Top Smoke and Odor Elimination
  • 17 x 13 x 13
  • 490 CADR
  • Table Top / Shelf / Floor


Cigar Smoke and Odor Control

The key to controlling Cigar smoke and its odor is heavy duty filtration. The Maxum-HEPA-120 offers commercial a grade True HEPA (made in the USA by Glasfloss). The Maxum 120-carbon filter is commercial grade and is manufactured in our plant in Wisconsin. The Blower is from Zeihl-Abegg a well known German air handling equipment giant.  This three way combination make the ultimate cigar air purifier. The Maxum-HEPA-120 is one of the great values in the LakeAir Smoke Eater Line.

Energy Cost Efficiency and Sound Control

Depending on the speed chosen, the Maxum-HEPA-120 costs between 58 and 22 cents a day to run (24 hours/day) That’s roughly 120 – 6 watts. About as much as many lightbulbs. The variable speed controller allows you to set the fan speed to a level that fits the desired environment. The unit is near silent on low and can reach as loud as 68 dB(A) on turbo. The efficiency of the filters will allow you to run your cigar smoke eater well below the turbo setting.

The Difference is in 3 Stage Carbon Filtration

The Maxum 2.5 Carbon filter offers 3 separate chambers of carbon crystals. Each chamber contains about 300 grams of activated carbon. It takes odors 3 times as long to make its way through the filter and in this way the filter absorbs 3 times more odor than the already effective Maxum Super Carbon filter. The filters should last 3-6 months with standard use. Heavy smokers may have to change filters more often. The replacement cost of the Maxum Carbon 2.5  Filter Part #499120 is $89.00 plus shipping. 

Buy with Confidence

There are several reason you can feel safe buying LakeAir Products


Capacity 200-500 CFM
Unit Size 17″ x 13″ x 13″
Unit Weight 30 pounds
Power 120V, AC/60HZ. 1.65 amps
Sound Level 39-60 dB(A) @ 15′
Filtration 99.97% to 0.3 micron
Carbon Activated Carbon 900 gram
Mount Table Top/ Wall Mount / Floor
Warranty 7-year Limited
Finish black / white/ woodgrain / brushed aluminum
Note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California 

Additional information


Black, Brushed Aluminum, White, Wood Grain


Allergens, Dust, Gases, Mold, Odors, Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Smoke, Very Fine Partices, VOCs


115 Volt


25-35 Pounds


3 ~ 2.5 / 900-1500 gram

General sqft

At least 500 square feet @ 4 ACH, At Least 625 square feet @ 6 ACH, At Least 800 square feet @ 6 ACH


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