The Maxum HEPA High cleaning power for the home

Maxum HEPA Air Purifier

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The Maxum HEPA is a commercial air purifier for the home. It delivers up to 500 CFM of True HEPA Air Purification. This unit includes carbon filtration for odor and VOC removal, It will remove both smoke and COVID -19 from the air stream in your home.

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Parts for the Maxum HEPA have started to arrive. At this time we expect to be able to ship in 5 – 10 days of your order placement.

Post COVID-19 Bulk Orders

As companies are looking to reopen safely, the demand for the Maxum HEPA has greatly increased. We are now fielding many calls for schools looking to provide high quality air purification for their classrooms. We are gearing up for the large demand that is likely to come. We encourage School Districts interested in bulk orders to contact us. Our products can also be purchased through Grainger, MSC, McMaster-Carr, and Global industrial. 

To ensure you have the supply of Air Purifiers you need, we strongly encourage contacting our Customer Service Team (800 558-9436) about pre-ordering for the return to school this fall.

HEPA Power

We took an oversize blower from one the best manufacturers in the world.  We put it in the Maxum and we created an air cleaning giant.It starts at a whisper 43 db(A) noise level and a huge 150 CFM air flow. You can crank it up to 500 CFM and 67 db(A).  The Maxum HEPA comes standard with the M-Super Carbon filter. The two filters combine to provide superior air purification and odor control. 

1000 sq ft

The Maxum HEPA is designed for large rooms. It can purify the air 4 times an hour in a room of 1000 sq ft. That’s enough air filtration for a 1 floor ranch home. That’s the largest capacity for a table top air purifier.


Trying to compare air purifiers is a real challenge. Many manufacturers offer almost no specifications. They might mention maximum area, but never specify how many times the air is cleaned. They say ” quiet as a gentle rain, but never tell you how many db(A). We think an informed shopper is a powerful consumer. No two air purifiers have all the same options. However the most important items to consider are; how well it cleans, how big of a room does it clean, how loud is it and how much noise does it produce and what it costs.

Typical Comparison

The Alen BreatheSmart Classic is a regular entry in the countries top 10 air purifiers. It has a price range of $733 to $650.  LakeAir is a small market brand. Nobody is interested in evaluating our products.  Here are the basic specs side by side::

  • Maxum HEPA
  • True HEPA 99.97% efficient
  • CFM Range  500 – 150 CFM
  • Sound range 67-40
  • Max Power Use 208 watts
  • Noise level at 286 CFM 49db(A)
  • Energy Usage  286 CFM 119 watts 
  •  Max room size 4 cycles per hour  1000 sq ft
  • Large odor control carbon filter Included
  •  Cost $750.00
  • Made in the USA
  • Alen BreatheSmart Classic
  • H13 HEPA 99% efficient
  • CFM Range  286 – 150 CFM
  •  Sound range 56-41
  • Max Power Use 105 watts
  • Noise level at 286 CFM 56 db(A)
  • Energy Usage 286 CFM 105 watts
  • Max room size 4 cycles per hour 540 sq ft
  •  Carbon filter $50.00 extra
  • Cost $650 – 733
  • Made in China

Commercial Product

The Maxum HEPA is a commercial air purifier. It has a larger capacity than the mainstream commercial units typically sold by the top brands. It has a 18 gauge steel body. The blower is rated for continual use. This unit is a bench top model and will works well in welding and soldering stations. The variable speed controller allows the user to adjust the unit to the exact amount of air flow to keep the work area free from smoke and dust. 

Smoke And Odor Removal

The Maxum HEPA is great for private smoking rooms. It has the capacity to clean the air several times an hour. For instance in a smoking room 20′ X 20′ X 8′(h) the air will pass through the HEPA filter and Carbon filter 10 times an hour. Each cycle will remove more than 99% of smoke and it’s odor. Remember that activated carbon can only absorb so much odor. When the carbon is saturated, it must be replaced. 

Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 15 in

3 reviews for Maxum HEPA Air Purifier

  1. Linda

    My husband has recently come down with breathing issues. We were not sure if it was bronchitis, asthma or something else. We decided to purchase a LakeAir Maxum HEPA. We were happily surprised that within a couple of hours of turning it on my husband was breathing much better. I am so glad we bought this American Made Product.

  2. Melissa Sumerton

    We purchased a Maxum HEPA in January 2020. It made an immediate difference in the way our home smelled and felt. I don’t see those specs of dust in the sunlight any more. It has been a comfort knowing that it protects our family from Corona Virus. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is worried about clean air in their house.

  3. Stewart P

    We recently moved into our new home. Well, It had a new home smell and we didn’t like it much. I don’t know if the paint was still curing or what was causing the odors. We decided to try an air purifier from Amazon. It was nice looking but didn’t do much. We did some research and bought a Maxum HEPA. What a difference in products. The Amazon model was lite, plastic, made in China. The Maxum was a beast. It is much heavier, seems pretty industrial strength. I worked great and we are glad we found something to get rid of that new home smell.

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