Maxum Carbon OC Filter 499152-FSP-4

The Maxum 4.5 Odor Control filter is designed for dedicated odor control. This filter will do a great job at removing odors and VOCs from a room. It will not remove particulate other than coarse particles. This filter is commonly used is crafting areas where fumes from glues and paints are a problem. This program will save you 15% verses retail pricing. We will ship you a new filter every 4 months. You can cancel this subscription at anytime.

1 Maxum 4.5  Odor Control Carbon Filter including shipping

$135.00 every 4  months / 15% Savings

If your Air Purifier is less than 1 year old at time of subscription, you may qualify for a  free extended warranty with this filter subscription program.

Cancel Anytime !