Media Air Filter M-18 499043


Replacement Media Filter

This filter replaces the MERV 11 rated media filter for the LakeAir M-18 air purifier.  This filter should be changed seasonally to assure the highest efficiency of your air purifier.


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M-18 media air filter

This filter replaces the MERV 11 rated m-18 media air filter for the LakeAir M-18 air purifier. The product number is 499043. This number can be used when speaking with a customer service representative should there be a need. The M-18 media air filter sits in the middle section of the M-18. A pre-filter number 490092 protects the intake end of the filter from larger particles.  The activated carbon filter sits next to the furnace intake. Depending on environmental conditions this filter may need to be replaced as often as every 3 months but should not be left  for more than one year.

Dirty air filters reduce airflow

As a filter becomes clogged, airflow is reduced, which causes the fan motor to work harder. This means more energy is used, which will increase your utility bill. Eventually the fan motor can burn out, resulting in overheating and failure of the entire system. Another concern: heat may build up around the heat exchanger in the winter. This can cause the heat exchanger to crack. A cracked heat exchanger needs to be replaced immediately to prevent system failure, fire or the release of carbon monoxide gas into the home.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4.375 × 16 in


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