Media Filter

Replacement Media Filters

LakeAir Media filters are a cost effective option compared to HEPA filters. Our MERV 11 and MERV 10 filters will clean the air of most particle that will adversely affect most users. On top of cost efficiency, media filters have lower back pressure that allow for more airflow and are less likely to impede fan life. Our MERV 14 commercial filters add extra efficiency with a low 0.22 wg back pressure. Find all of our replacement Media Filter below.

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  • Our Media Filters are Made in the USA
  • Media Filter Can be stored for Years
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  • Our Media Filters have extended life

More About LakeAir Replacement Media Filters

The LakeAir MERV 14 High Capacity Filter is great for your commercial application. They have a special design that allows them to hold much more dust and particles than a normal filter, hence the name High Capacity. These filters can be swapped out into LA1400, LAFC and LA2 Models. They offer great efficiency with less than half the cost of HEPA filters. The MERV 14 Filter has a metal frame to add rigid strength allow less air bypass.;

MERV 11 filters are suitable for high end residential room filters. These filters do a good job at removing allergens and dust from the air. While they a good at this they should not be used to remove smoke. MERV 10 filter are a great low back pressure option for whole house filter applications. 

 Our media filters are have a  Z-Line  pleated filter that offers improved performance for virtually every application. LakeAir filters  provide high performance with low pressure drop for energy efficiency.  All Z-Line pleated filters feature fibers which do not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.  The  LakeAir MERV 11 Z-Line replacement media  filters achieve a MERV 11 rating per the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.