Pre Filter, The first Step to Cleaner Air

The pre filter is the first step in producing the highest grade of clean air in LakeAir commercial models. These filters are cleanable but due to the environment in which they are often used its not uncommon to need to replace them. These pre filters do a great job at removing larger particles like hair, lint and other large debris. The pre filter allows your LakeAir air purifier to run at peak efficiency.

Large particles can damage an electrostatic cell. They can also shorten the life of a media or HEPA filter. So, it is very important to keep air  flowing into your to your air filtering system. In the long run, the pre filter saves you much more money than they cost. We now offer your pre-filters at a savings and free shipping. All you have to do is order your pre-filters through our subscription service. 

Once a Year

A rule of thumb is to replace your pre filter annually. If the environment you are in is relatively clean you can sometimes get away with washing the pre filter. Inspection should be done at least every 6 months. You should inspect your pre filter more often if your Home Air Purifier is in a more heavily polluted area.

Buy With Confidence

  • LakeAir Pre filters Improve Air Quality
  • Pre Filters Save you money by extending the life of your main filter
  • Buying 4 0r More? Call for a Deal!
  • Each Filter Lasts an Entire Year or longer  with washing 

If you are having problems finding the right pre filter for your LakeAir product, give our customer service department a phone call at 800-558-9436.