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LakeAir Purifiers have been manufactured in Racine WI since 1968. The brand started out under the Master Appliance banner of Products. The product line was purchased and given the name LakeAir. From then till 2016  the product line was manufactured by LakeAir International and then Air Aware Inc. The product line has always featured all steel bodies and heavy duty components.

In 2016 RK Ventures purchased the assets of Air Aware Inc which was mainly the LakeAir Brand. The LakeAir Brand Name has been retained. The manufacturing process continues to be carried out in the same building in Racine WI. Many of the core qualities of the brand  remain the same. LakeAir products were and still are designed to last decades, not just a few years.

LakeAir Air Purifiers will continue to be a robust product with a commercial disposition. Our residential products use the same built tough to last long ideal.  Our commercial products have a simple design. We avoid plastic and technology that has a short life span. Heavy duty  all steel construction surrounded by quality components may not be the affordable way to build an air purifier, but it is the way to build a product that has great value. 

LakeAir Manufactured in Racine WI

Proudly Built in the USA

All LakeAir products are completely manufactured at our plant in Racine, Wisconsin. The LakeAir brand has maintained a great reputation for many years with our quality units and filters. RK Ventures manufactures highly reliable, quiet operating air purifiers and filters to stand by our quality LakeAir name. We sell products both domestically and internationally and all are covered by an unbeatable 7-year limited warranty.

Our Company Motto “Clean Air Everywhere” leads us to produce products for every stage and place in our lives. Whether it be at home or work, if it is for the classroom or where we play LakeAir products are their to provide clean air.

We are a green manufacturer. Our products are made from recycled materials. After a LakeAir model has stopped working it is easily recycled to continue the green principal. Our manufacturing process is responsible. We do our best to reduce a negative foot print  on the environment. We ask you to help us support better living through health preserving products. Together we can accomplish our goal “Clean Air Everywhere”

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