Smoke Eater

Is Smoke a problem for you? This page will introduce you to one of the best American made products for the removal of smoke and it’s odors. LakeAir manufactures high-quality commercial smoke eaters and smoke odor removers in the USA.  Our smoke removers are used in a variety of locations: Cigar Lounges, Casinos, Manufacturing, Kitchens, Homes, and just about anywhere smoke is an issue.  Our products are simple to use and last a long time.  We build our air purifiers using all-steel construction and high-grade parts. The blowers, motors and filters are among the best in the industry.

Smoke Eater Project Cost Calculator

Many visitors to this page are doing research. They are trying to find out what type of smoke eater they need and how many to buy. The consumer needs to be able to  budget their project cost. For this purpose, we created our Smoke Eater Project Cost Estimating Calculator. Here you can enter your room size and what you are using it for. The calculator will provide you with air flow, air changes per hour and some basic pricing. We invite you to try this innovative tool provide free to all website visitors.

LAFC Commercial Smoke Eaer
LA2000 hanging in a bar
LAFC hanging from the Ceiling

Commercial Smoke Eaters

The products in this popular line are found in Lounges, Offices, Taverns, Factory’s, Kitchens, Homes and just about anywhere smoke has become an issue. If Smoke is a problem, LakeAir has the answer. These units are specialized for smoke but work equally as well on dust, pollen, allergens and any indoor air pollution you might have. The odor removing abilities of LakeAir products are remarkable. 

LAFC Ceiling Mounted Smoke Eaters

LAFC-RC2-S 1500 CFM Smoke Eater

The LAFC-RC2-S is an electrostatic smoke eater that offers quiet operation and a high volume of smoke removal. The variable speed controller allows you to adjust air purification and sound level to fit your establishment needs. 400 CFM and silent on low / 1500 CFM and 60 dB(A) on turbo. This model also controls the odors from smoking.

A cigar lounge generates large volumes of smoke. Environments like this require extra strength products to keep the air clean. The LAFC-DB (dual blower) provides more clean air where it’s needed. Our electrostatic cells remove 97% of particulate to.1 microns. The LAFC electrostatic cell creates a low-pressure drop. It is a free-flowing electronic air filter. Our technology allows for more air cleaning cycles. This provides high volume air movement with minimal noise.  This unit is designed to be flush-mounted, but can ceiling hung.

LAFC Dual Blower Electrostatic
LAFC Electrostatic Air Purifier

The LAFC mounts flush to the ceiling in a 2′ x 4′ ceiling grid. These commercial air cleaners are nearly invisible. They offer quiet and effective indoor pollution control. The LAFC Electrostatic Commercial Smoke Eater produces about 500 CFM of clean air. This filtration type is 97% effective on particles to .1 microns. It is very effective on tobacco products; The cell will last for the life of the unit. The LAFC Electrostatic has a 4 stage filtration system; Pre Filter / Particle Ionizer / Collector plates / Activated Carbon Filter

The LAFC comes in both Black and White


LAFC-RC2-HEPA provides 900 CFM of true HEPA smoke filtration. This is our best product for removing smoke from a room in one cycle. Dual 830 CFM blowers provide a high volume of clean air with a small amount of fan noise. The RC2 design tumbles air into the room rather than creating nasty drafts. This unit can be converted to add UVC filtration to protect from viruses as well.

The LAFC HEPA is 99.97% efficient on smoke and suspended particles.  Our HEPA filters are certified to be true HEPA. This HEPA has an integrated activated carbon filter that removes the odor. The LAFC HEPA is flush mounted and uses 2 powerful blowers to deliver clean air to your customers and workers. The LAFC HEPA provides clean quiet air filtration. Our replacement filters cost 60% less than the competitors.

LAFC HPA is a great Smoke Eayer

So much in so little space

An LAFC mounts in a 2 x 4 ceiling grid. It can be mounted in a standard drop ceiling. It only needs 11 inches of clearance. The LAFC weighs only 87 pounds. 4 (1/4 – 20) eyebolts help support it from the ceiling. A swing down panel allows easy access for filter maintenance. This unit is powerful and nearly invisible.  It can purify a room up to 35 x 35, 4 times an hour.

LAFC Smoke Eater Mounts in the Celing
New Super carbon for the LAFC line

We have redesigned the super carbon for the LAFC. This new filter provides 20 times more carbon than our standard carbon. The part number is  499039. This new filter will remove all odors including the odor of cigarettes and cigars. The new filter will fit all LAFC models. The electrostatic model has a slide in feature. The Media and HEPA use 2 sided tape.

LA Series ~ Ceiling Hung / Wall or Cart Mounted Smoke Eater

The LA2000-S uses 2 electrostatic cells for double purification. It pumps out 2000 CFM of clean air for your commercial or industrial application. All LA 2000s are built from 14 gauge steel. This unit is the king industrial smoke eater and a great commercial air cleaner.

LA2000S Exploded View

The LA2000-OC offers ultimate odor control.  It uses a 16” x 20” electrostatic cell to trap all particulate. It has a huge 6 chamber 10 pound activated carbon filter to remove odor and VOCs. You can wall-mount the La2000-OC or it can be hung from the ceiling.

LA 1400 Electrostatic Air Purifier

The LA1400 Electrostatic is a great entry-level commercial smoke eater. It is perfect for smoking rooms and kitchens to 1500sq ft.  The filter cell is washable and 100% reusable. The LA1400 has a 4 stage filtration system; Pre Filter / Particle Ionizer /   High Voltage Particle Collector / Activated Carbon Filter. 

LA2-RC2 and LA2-RC1

The NEW LA2-RC line offers exciting new Smoke Eater options. Let’s look at the name: The LA2 refers to (2) filter slots. The RC number refers to the number of 1000 CFM fans. These units are designed to pull dirty in through robust filters. They include a 6″ HEPA, a 6 Chamber Carbon filter, a brand new MERV 14 High Capacity Media Filter, and our standard Electrostatic Filter Cell. These units offer a variable speed controller for quieter operation when needed. This new line offers 16 different filter configurations to provide you with the exact filtration you need. Need help choosing see our filter guide or give us a call at 262-632-1229.

2 Filter Slots & (2) 1000 CFM Blowers

LakeAir RC2 Stackable Air Purifiers
LA2-RC2 with 6"HEPA and 6 Chamber Odor Control

Negative Air Smoke Removal (Air Scrubbers)

LakeAir manufactures a line of Air Scrubbers. These products remove pollution from a room via vents and ductwork. The air scrubber is generally located outside the room to be treated. One key advantage is maintenance can be performed away from the eyes of your clients and visitors. You don’t have to close an area for maintenance. This is particularly helpful in 24 / 7 establishments like Casinos. Another big advantage is less noise. With the air purification located in another room or area, the noise associated with it will be greatly diminished. Often times companies avoid smoke eater technology because it drowns out the conversation in the business. Not so with a LakeAir Air Scrubber.

LakeAir Air Scrubber

LAAS-800 & LAAS-1600 Air Scrubber

The LAAS Model Air Scrubbers are a versatile multi-filter and modular air scrubber system. They can be combined and equipped with different filters to handle just about any size or type of air purification project. 

Filter types include HEPA, Electrostatic, High Capacity Media, Odor Control Carbon & Zeolite, and Ultra Violet filters. 

New Modular Design

The LAAS line is designed to be modular. You can easily combine up to 6 units in a single stack to provide up to 12,000 CFM of air purification.  From one location in your facility, you can provide and maintain your air purification needs for your entire facility. This product design can act as a huge filter bypass for any central system offering clean air at a fraction of the cost of other similar products.

What is Smoke?

To understand how a smoke eater works it is important to learn what smoke is. It is created during the process of burning or combustion. When you burn a fuel smoke is created. The human eye can see particles bigger than 7 microns. Particles that are smaller are called gasses and fumes

Smoke is a combination of particles, liquids and gasses

The amount of smoke depends on fuel and the amount of oxygen being burned. If more oxygen is available you have a higher temperature and less smoke. Cigarettes and cigars burn at a low temperature. Therefore they create a lot of fumes.

Sources of Smoke

We usually think of smoke that comes from cigarettes. Many manufacturing methods create fumes. Welding creates gases high in metal oxides. Materials like plastic and adhesives produce smoke with nitrogen oxide. Textile manufacturing produces carbon monoxide. Regardless of what is making the smog in your world, LakeAir has a clean air solution to protect you.

Getting rid of the Smoke

There are 3 basic methods of removing smoke. The most effective is HEPA air purification. A true HEPA removes 99.97% of all smoke. The most cost-effective way to remove smoke is with an Electrostatic Filter. A LakeAir Electronic cell removes 97% of this nasty by-product. Media is the least effective but lowest initial cost method to remove smoke.

Good ventilation removes much of the indoor air pollution from an area. However, reheating or cooling the air in our homes or businesses is costly. Makeup air can be a part of your clean air solution. It usually is not enough. Pair air purification and makeup air to create your own custom smoke removal solution.

Smoke Eater Technology

We learned that smoke is made up of solid, liquid and gas particles. Different technologies can be used to remove these particles.


Media is a filter made of cotton or synthetic woven materials. The fibers catch the particles as they pass through the filter. Media filters are rated by a MERV rating standard MERV 11 is the lowest rating that will remove smoke. MERV 12 – 16 filters require special air moving equipment. You should not use them in your home heating or HVAC systems. Some media is electrically charged but does not do a better job of removing smoke. Media filtration is only a stop-gap measure.


HEPA filters are the most effective at removing smoke. True HEPA filters 99.97% of particles. However, they have drawbacks. If the air purifier blower is not powerful enough it moves far too little air to be effective. They have a higher cost of maintenance due to the cost of filter replacement. No filtering technology removes smoke and odor on its own. A HEPA filter must incorporate activated charcoal filtration to be effective on the odor.


A LakeAir Electrostatic smoke eater uses 2 types of air filter technologies. The first air filter is an electrostatic precipitator. Smoke is given an electrical charge in the first section. In the second section, the smoke is attracted to the aluminum plates just like metal to a magnet. The particles are trapped on the plates until it is washed away.  Our electrostatic cells are 97% efficient on smoke particles as small .1 microns. They have a low cost of maintenance but must be kept clean to be truly efficient.

Electronic Air Cleaner Illustration for home air purifiers

Activated Carbon removes smoke odor

There is 1 safe technology for removing smoke odors. Activated carbon absorbs smoke odors. After a carbon filter is full, it should be discarded and replaced with a new filter.

After the primary filter has removed the pollution particles, the air moves into an activated carbon filter. How is activated carbon made? Activated carbon is carbon that has been treated with oxygen. The treatment gives carbon millions of tiny holes. These tiny holes give the charcoal a tremendously large surface. The gases pass through the charcoal where it is trapped. This process is called adsorption. Activated charcoal absorbs smoke odor like a sponge. It is the best product known for removing this smell. At LakeAir we use coconut shell carbon it is better than bituminous carbon (made from coal) at removing odors common to homes and commercial applications.

Every smoke removal solution should include activated charcoal as part of its air cleaning system. Each granule of carbon has a specific amount of odor it can hold. When a carbon granule has adsorbed as many odors as it can, it is saturated. The filter then needs to be replaced. There are over 150 types of activated carbon. LakeAir carbon filters use high-quality carbon manufactured specifically for the removal of smoke odor and other common gasses and VOCs.

Some VOCs like TCE (dry cleaner fluid) are more likely to be absorbed by potassium permanganate impregnated zeolite. At LakeAir we have the ability to produce sophisticated carbon blends to better handle odors and VOCs for special applications

Carbon Structure

Ozone Generators

An ozone generator pumps out ozone to quickly wipe out any odor. Ozone is very effective on odor. It is considered to be a hazardous chemical by the EPA.  Ozone generators do not remove particulate from the air. Except for specific uses in areas where there are no living things, ozone generators should not be used.

More Thoughts on the Subject

Industrial Smoke Removal

Smoke, fumes, and gasses are the byproduct of many manufacturing processes. These facilities often need a more industrial approach to fume control.  A LakeAir Industrial smoke eater is a perfect fit for this niche. We have supplied purification solutions for many industrial processes. The LA 2000 is great for commercial food manufacturing and fabric processing. Industrial applications include welding and metal fab shops Call to see if the LA2000 is the best solution for your application.  

Social Smoking

Social smoking venues are becoming more popular. Cigars are more popular than ever. Our products are found in many fine cigar bars. Hookah lounges are very popular with younger smokers. The water-cooled and flavored smoke has to be removed from the air. Private Clubs like VFW’s FOE’s and Lodges often allow smoking and use our units regularly. A LakeAir air purifier will remove cigar smoke. This will keep your man cave a welcome part of your home.

Economical Use

Our commercial smoke eater cleans the air in your business establishments. Clean air helps to retain valuable customers. These units easily pay for themselves over time. They lessen the high cost of makeup air. There is no reason to reheat or cool outside air when you have a healthy supply of clean air.  We use high-grade components made of steel, aluminum, and tungsten instead of plastic. Washable filters cost less to maintain than standard fair filters. The electronics have a 7-year warranty and are built to last.

Air purifiers are all about protecting the environment. What about the environment outside your home or business? LakeAir practices the 6 principles of eco-friendly manufacturing. We are concerned about clean air everywhere. Buy a product that supports the planet if you have that concern. You can buy LakeAir products that protect you, your home, your business, and the world you live in.

Home Smoke Eater

The LakeAir Products protect your family from the dangers of smoke. This product offering gives big savings on a commercial smoke eater for the home.

Smoke Removal

Added Protection

Media is a filter made of cotton or synthetic materials. The fibers catch the particles as they pass through the filter. Media filters are rated by a MERV rating standard.  MERV 11 is the lowest rating that removes smoke. MERV 12 – 16 filters require special air moving equipment. They are not suitable for your home heating or HVAC systems. Some media is treated with a charge. This has little effect on its ability to remove smoke. Media filtration is a stop-gap measure until you can get a better solution.

Protect your pets

Cats, dogs, and birds are particularly sensitive to 2nd hand smoke. Our pets have smaller bodies. These dangerous byproducts affect them more severely. A home smoke eater will protect your pets from 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. What’s 3rd hand smoke? It is the residue that remains on the skin, fur, clothing, furniture. The residue remains after the air has cleared.

Cats in a smokers home are 4 times as likely to develop lymphoma, heart arrhythmia, and lung paralysis. Every cat owner knows they are meticulous groomers. Your cat is cleaning more than dirt off her fur. Your cat can’t stop these toxins that fall from smoky air. She can’t help but “eat” them when she grooms. Dogs are more likely to have nose and eye issues if they live in a smoky house. Birds have smaller bodies and are even more likely to suffer from second-hand smoke.

Less Smoke = Less Hassle

A Home smoke eater can stop many family arguments before they even start.  The Maxum electrostatic air purifier is very quiet at only 49 decibels. This unit removes more than the smoke you see. It removes countless air pollution particles and fumes that are dangerous to the health of all. The Maxum removes smoke from all sources around the home.  Confine smokey activities to one room with a Maxum inside it. This will easily keep the dangers and its odors out of the whole house.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been reported to have healing benefits. Many people live happier lives from less pain and discomfort. But is medical marijuana good for the whole family?  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the toxins and tar levels are known to be present in marijuana raise concerns. Exposure can be bad for the young, old, and people with asthma. Don’t take chances with your family.

All Maxum air purifiers remove marijuana smoke and the effects of 2nd hand marijuana smoke. Even if medical marijuana is legal the odor can be embarrassing. Your neighbors might not know you are using marijuana legally.  It is important to protect all the members of your family, including our pets from the side effects of this medical advancement.

E-Cigarettes / Vape

Electronic Cigarettes are designed to offer nicotine vapor without burning tobacco. A typical e-cigarette is a battery-powered device. It has a heating element and a cartridge filled with a liquid solution. When in use, the heating element vaporizes the liquid. It is agreed, that more studies need to look at the effect of 2nd hand vaping fumes. There is evidence that vaping indoors releases ultra-fine particles and hazardous chemicals into the air. The Maxum air purifier can neutralize these threats.

Other than a health concern, the vapor from an E-cigarette will leave a residue on your windows and walls. This residue is stubborn to remove. It resists many cleaners and degreasers. Your home smoke eater will reduce the amount of cleaning needed as a result of vaping.

Long Lasting Protection

 A LakeAir Home smoke eater is a commercial strength air purifier. It has an industry-leading 7-year limited warranty. Most air purifiers bought for the home are plastic construction. LakeAir bodies are 18 gauge steel. The Electrostatic cell is made of high-grade materials; aluminum, ceramic and tungsten. The electronics are super tough and built to last you many years. We often hear from customers who have had their LakeAir products for more than 20 years. You should expect a similar experience when you purchase yours.

Smoke removal products for homes and smaller spaces

Maxum Electrostatic air purifier for allergies

Maxum Electrostatic offers a washable filter. It removes 97% of smoke in the home in a single cleaning.

Maxum HEPA

Maxum HEPA Home Air Purifier

Maxum HEPA is true HEPA that is 99.97% efficient at removing smoke and all other impurities from the air in your home.

Maxum Media Home Air Purifier

Maxum Media offers a disposable MERV 11 filter. This is an air purifier for those on a budget. Not for COVID prevention.

M-Super Carbon for Smoke odor control

M-Super Carbon fits into all 3 of the Maxum models. It provides extra odor and VOC Removal. It contains 30 x more carbon. Part# 499024

The home smoke eater bundle includes everything to keep smoke and odors away for an entire year.  The bundle includes (1) Maxum Electrostatic Air  Purifier, (2) Super-max activated carbon filters. They trap the odors from smoke for an extended amount of time. You receive total smoke and odor protection for under $650.00. We also provide FREE shipping!

More than Smoke

LakeAir air purifiers are great on smoke. They remove so much more from the air. Smoke is one of the thousands of pollutants that our products remove. Our electronic air cleaners remove dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and a host of air pollution particles. Each unit has an activated carbon filter that removes gases, fumes, and odors. No matter what you need to clean from the air, LakeAir products do the job for you.

Made in the USA

All LakeAir Air Purifiers are made in the USA. They have been built in Racine Wisconsin since 1968. We do not import foreign assemblies. We cut, punch,, shape, weld, and assemble our products with American labor.

LakeAir Smoke Eater

Commercial Smoke Eater

We offer 6 different models for this use. They work in a variety of settings. LakeAir products are great, but every machine has its limits. Sometimes you might have to combine products to achieve the desired level of air purification.