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Cigar Air Purifier

Cigar Air Purifier

For Your Home

Cigars and cutter

Cigar Air Purifier for Home Use

These days we are finding more ways to enjoy our homes. Converting a room or garage into a cigar smoking haven is very popular. The biggest issue we often face is how to keep the smoke and odor out of the rest of the house.

LakeAir makes several home cigar smoke eaters to do the job. The biggest trick is to figure out is how big of a cigar air purifier you need.  This Calculator will provide you that information.

Our 3 most popular cigar air cleaners for the home cigar enthusiast are shown to the right. The new MAX-700 offers cleaning power never seen before in a tabletop model. This clean air machine will provide  16 air changes per hour (including odor removal) to a 300 sq. ft. smoking area

The Maxum HEPA provides 500 CFM of True HEPA smoke and odor removal. This smoke gobbler removes the most smoke and odor in 1 cleaning cycle.

Maxum Electrostatic has been around for over 3 decades and is still one of the best cigar air purifiers. Like all LakeAir models, it is Made in the USA and has a 7 year limited warranty

Enjoy a Cigar

Bigger and Smaller Ideas

For Big Spaces at Home

Our Commercial line of Cigar Air Purifiers offers more volume for really serious cigar smokers. The LAFC-RC2-S offers 1500 CFM of cigar odor and smoke removal. This unit mounts in the ceiling and requires only 11 inches of head room. If this seems to be the right answer to you, contact our customer service specialist for more details 

Personal Cigar Air Purifier

If you have a small space or a small budget you can still get big value and performance. The LakeAir Excel is great that little situation. Put your ashtray in front of this little jewel and enjoy your cigar without upsetting the household. At $475.00 most any cigar lover can afford this great American made air cleaner.

Cigar Air Purifier For Businesses

Need help with how powerful and what model will  work? checkout the Cigar Air Purifier Calculator

Ceiling Cigar Air Purifier

Your choice of business air  purification is going to depend greatly on the architecture of your establishment.  Some building types lend themselves to ceiling mounted air purification. LakeAir ceiling units are designed to fit into a drop ceiling grid. If you have this type of ceiling the LAFC family is more than likely going to be your best choice. The LAFC models can also be hung from the ceiling or mounted directly to them.


LAFC-RC2 Dual Blowers
1500 CFM of Clean Air

The LAFC-RC2 is available in Electrostatic, HEPA and UVC. The Electrostatic Model provides 1500 CFM of cigar air purification. This is our most popular unit for cigar establishments. The remotely mounted variable speed control offers unmatched versatility. The LAFC-RC2 is silent on low speed while still moving near 400 cfm.  Customers have reported unit noise as low as 58 dB(A) on turbo. As your cigar bar fills up with happy customers turn up the speed on your secret clean air machine.

The occasional snap, crackle, pop of an electrostatic unit isn’t for everyone. We all like clean air, but some of us like nothing less than cleaning an air filter. For this customer the LAFC-RC2-HEPA is the right choice. 900 CFM of quiet ultraclean air and disposable filters works for the no mess cigar shop owner. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure to get a long-lasting high-performance American made product.

LAFC Standard Models

The original LAFC models are still available. They offer lower CFM output at a lower price tag

The original LAFC provides up to 500 CFM of electrostatic air purification. This no frills model has been doing the job for over 20 years.

The LAFC-HEPA delivers up to 500 CFM of True HEPA air cleaning. This quiet air purifier has been a popular choice for more than 15 years.

LAFC Dual Blower Electrostatic cranks out 750 CFM of clean air and includes extra odor control over the other LAFC standard models.

LAFC and LAFC-RC2 Ceiling Mounts

2 Ways to Mount a LAFC

Ceiling Hung and Wall Mounted Cigar Air Purifiers

LA2000-S and LA200-OC

The LA2000 models move large amounts of air. They use a conventional radial fan design that’s great at moving free air. The LA200-S has a volume of near 2000 CFM. It has dual electrostatic cells that provide the largest filter bed of any LakeAir product. They include a modest charcoal filter to remove room odors. The have a rugged industrial look that fits well into many entertainment venues.

The LA2000-OC has 1 electrostatic cell and a 4.5 inch carbon filter that does a great job removing odors. Many bar owners remark that their bars are much nicer places to be after adding the LA2000-OC. The carbon filter has 5 distinct sections and weighs well over 10 pounds. These filters are made in our plant in Racine WI and use virgin coconut shell carbon.

LA2000S ~ 2000 CFM

Best Value of CFM for dollars spent. Removes high volume of smoke with a 16″ radial fan design. This rugged cigar air purifier adds clean air and blends into an industrial environment.

$1895.00 ~ Delivered

LA2000-OC ~1200 CFM + Odor Control

Best odor control among cigar air cleaners. On board and remote variable speed control available on all LA 2000 units. A great starting machine for new cigar establishments.

$1845.00 ~ Delivered

The LA200 Hangs from the ceiling to clean air.

LA1400S Small Venue Air Cleaner

LA1400 ~ 1350 CFM

LA1400-S LakeAir light commercial air purifier in white

$1495.00 ~ Delivered

The LA1400 is a great little air purifier. Great for small to mid sized rooms. Keep the back pool room free of smoke with the LA1400. It weighs only 75 pounds and is easily hung from almost any ceiling. Optional wall mounts are available making this a versatile option for many areas. 

Still More Options

The LakeAir product line is very diverse. There are many more options available to the cigar establishment owner. Some savvy shop owners are deploying the MAX-700 750 CFM units to take the place of other units that cost 4 times as much with better results. Our LA2 line offers superior odor control compared to any competitors products. This line also offers complex HEPA and UVC options as well. The LAAS line of air scrubbers can remove smoke and odor from the room all together into an adjacent area. No matter what your unique situation is, give us a call at 800-558-9436 to discuss how LakeAir can make your business better and more succesful.

Protecting Your Right to Smoke

Your cigar business needs a cigar air purifier. As of January 2, 2019, 5019 municipalities in the United States have laws in effect that restrict where smoking is allowed. While there are so many places where you can’t smoke, there are exceptions to these rules. You can even smoke in certain public places in California.  The battle over smokers and business rights rages on. What can you do to keep your smoking haven safe from extinction? The main thing you need to do is act responsibly.

Don’t allow your smoking to be a nuisance. A cigar air purifier can help your business stay in business. If you control the smoke and odor you won’t have complaints. Whether you have a cigar bar or a man cave, acting responsibly is the best course of action. All LakeAir Electrostatic Air Purifiers are smoke eaters. They can help you continue to be allowed to smoke for fun or profit.

Ordinances and Responsible Behavior

Many places where smoking is allowed are governed by local ordinances. In the State of Ohio, family owned businesses may allow smoking if several criteria are met. Smoke from a smoking room must be contained. It cannot be allowed to move to adjacent spaces. A good cigar air purifier is part of the system that makes this possible. Most localities have laws that can force you to comply with clean air standards. Get ahead of the problem.

Be proactive in your approach to smoke control. Employ smoke removal technology including air purification and makeup air. Provide a space where your guests are protected from unwanted air pollution. Contain and control your smoke from disturbing neighbors and visitors.   

Looking For Help?

If you are looking for help with a clean air issue in your business or home turn to the problem solvers at LakeAir. We have helped many business owners come into compliance. We have helped many cigar lovers to find peace at home. No matter what the clean air issue is LakeAir is here to help

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