Home Smoke Eater

Home Smoke Eater

Smoke can be a real problem in our homes. Whether it comes from a smoker in your home or next door a LakeAir smoke eater for the home will remove tobacco smoke, cigar smoke, even marijuana smoke and odor from the air. Wild Fire Smoke has become an all to common reality in homes across the USA. A LakeAir smoke removal product can rid your home of wild fire smoke and odor. Our products are equally as effective on kitchen smoke. Kitchens produce many pleasant foods, but a kitchen smoke removal system can tame gasses, odors and fumes coming from our culinary efforts. Choosing the right smoke removal product can be tricky, but we are here to help.

MAX-Guard High Capacity Portable Floor Smoke Eater

The MAX-Guard line is a product people have been looking for, for a long time. Its is an attractive high air volume smoke eater for homes and businesses. This product is super sturdy,  and made to last 15-25 years. The blowers are rated for 60,000 hours of constant use. That should last you  over 5 years if you never turn the MAX-Guard off. More likely you will get 8-10 years before you need to change the blowers.  The blowers are super simple to change out. The average person can do this on their own. Beyond long life and heavy duty construction, these smoke eaters really work. 

  • 400 – 1500 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Filter Cell 16 x 20 x 5
  • $2495.00 

  • 200 – 900 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / HEPA / Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed control
  • HEPA Filter  16 x 20 x 5
  • $2295.00

  • 350- 1100 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / MERV 15 / Carbon
  • Variable speed control
  • 95%  Efficient
  • $2100.00

MAX-700 750 CFM Air Purifier
Most Powerful Table Top Air Purifier
  • 300 – 750 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $975.00
Maxum HEPA For Your Home
Commercial Grade HEPA Air Purifier
  • 200 – 500 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • True HEPA / Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $750.00
Maxum White Air Purifier
Ideal for use in the HOME !!
  • 150 – 275 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Two Speed settings
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $650.00

Amazing Smoke Removal Video

Maxum HEPA Product Video

More Reasons for a Home Smoke Eater

Less Smoke = Less Hassle

A Home smoke eater can stop many family arguments before they even start. If smoke is not an issue in your home everyone will be happier.  These units remove more than the smoke you see. It removes countless air pollution particles and fumes that are associated with all types of combustion. 

Second Hand Smoke threatens your pets

Legal and Medical Marijuana

Cats, dogs, and birds are particularly sensitive to 2nd hand smoke. Our pets have smaller bodies. These dangerous byproducts affect them more severely. A home smoke eater will protect your pets from 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. What’s 3rd hand smoke? It is the residue that remains on the skin, fur, clothing, furniture and pet food. Here is some more information on the best pest air purifier

Medical marijuana has been reported to have healing benefits. Many people live happier lives from less pain and discomfort. But is medical marijuana good for the whole family?  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the toxins and tar levels are known to be present in marijuana raise concerns. Exposure can be bad for the young, old, and people with asthma. you can look to the LakeAir product line to protect your from the bi-products off cannabis 

E-Cigarettes / Vape

Electronic Cigarettes are designed to offer nicotine vapor without burning tobacco. A typical e-cigarette vaporizes liquid into a smoke like haze. There is evidence that vaping indoors releases ultra-fine particles and hazardous chemicals into the air.  A residential smoke eater will neutralize these threats.


Scented Candles

Scented candles add to indoor air pollution. They can add toxic and harmful chemicals to undermine your indoor air quality.  Acetaldehyde, Acrolein and Benzene are a few of the VOCs that can be associated with this growing popular trend. A home smoke eater can help counter the effects of these dangerous chemicals. For more information on this threat visit this post, Its all about scented candles.

Why a LakeAir Home Smoke Eater?

 A LakeAir  smoke eater is commercial strength. Most air purifiers bought for the home are plastic construction. LakeAir bodies are 18 gauge steel. The Electrostatic cell is made of high-grade materials; aluminum, ceramic and tungsten. The electronics are super tough and built to last you many years. LakeAir products are designed to last 20 years or more. You can expect a similar experience when you purchase yours. LakeAir residential smoke eaters have been around for over 40 years. Our filters are made in the USA, you won’t have the off-gassing experienced  with many imported air filters.

Home Smoking Rooms

Since Covid-19 creating a room especially for smoking in the home has become much more popular. We have seen an uptick in purchases of smoke eaters for the home. The two most popular models have been the Maxum HEPA and the MAX-700. The key to making a smoking room successful is good design. The important elements of good design are; Be sure the room will contain the smoke. Be sure to block off exhaust vents that will spread the smoke through out your home. If there is an window, open it a bit. Allow incoming centralized air to enter the room, this will create a positive air pressure seal. Seal any cracks that might allow smoke to escape.

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