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Wild Fire Air Purifiers

The Best Wild Fire Air Purifier

As of the date this article was written all 50 States were either partially or fully effected by wild fire smoke. This smoke poses a real threat to the health of many individuals. About the only way to rid your home of this smoke is through air purification. The LakeAir MAX-700 is the best wild fire smoke eater.

Map of Wild Firs areas in the USA

Why MAX-700?

Large Capacity: The MAX-700  has the largest capacity of any residential air purifier. The full capacity of 750 CFM can clean the air in your 1000 sq ft living space 7.5 times an hour. When you are dealing with smoke, more cleaning cycles makes all the difference.

High Efficiency: The MAX-700 removes 97% of ALL impurities including smoke as small as 0.1 micron. Smoke particles are generally much larger than 0.1 micron. Therefore the MAX 700 does an outstanding job removing wild fire smoke. The following video demonstrates just how well the electrostatic precipitator removes smoke from the air.

Low Cost Of Use: The MAX-700 costs pennies a day to run, even when considering filter costs. The main filter is washable and will last 15-20 years, maybe more. The Carbon Filters are very affordable and last months. The MAX-700 when run on high speed uses about 75 watts of energy. That calculates out to about $5.40 per month. Including filter replacement you can plan on spending about $0.65 per day to keep the smoke out of your home. This low cost demonstrates another reason the MAX-700 is the best wild fire smoke air purifier

Versatility: While the MAX -700 is great on smoke from all sources, it is also exceptional at removing mold, pollen, pet dander and anything that makes breathing more difficult. More cleaning cycles per hours makes this air purifier a smart choice for any indoor pollution. 

Availability: We have a large stock of MAX-700 units for immediate shipping. In most cases units ship within 2 days. Currently the MAX-700 is not approved for shipping to the State of California.

Capacity 100-750 CFM
Unit Size 17″ x 13″ x 13″
Unit Weight 31 pounds
Power 120V, AC/60HZ. 1.95 amps
Sound Level 39-65 dB(A) @ 15′
Filtration 97% to 0.1 micron
Carbon Super / Standard / NA
Mount Table Top/ Wall Mount / Floor
Warranty 7-year Limited
Finish black / white/ woodgrain / brushed aluminum