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Can Air Purifiers Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of being able to breathe effortlessly, chiefly if you suffer from lung or heart problems. That’s where air purifiers play a significant role in making your life more comfortable. Did you know fixing an air purifier in your home or business can help you breathe better and improve your […]

3 things to look for

3 Things To Look Out For When Buying An Air Purifier For Your Home

With increasing levels of pollution in the cities, it may seem like staying in is a great idea. Well, it might surprise you to know that the air inside your home isn’t really better than the air outdoors. Indoor pollution has become a common problem for homeowners. It can be caused even by the most […]

Brain Health is affected by Air Pollution

Brain Health in Seniors

The Effects Of Air Pollution On Brain Health In Seniors By Jackie Edwards As you might already know, air pollution can cause a myriad of health problems; and one of the biggest organs in the body that is affected by this predicament is the brain. As reported by The Dementia Epidemic, in every group of […]