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Cigar Filter Options

What’s Your Best Cigar Filter Option? LakeAir offers 3 great cigar filter options to keep the air clean in your cigar business or home.  In this article we will show the differences, advantages  and negative points of each filter type option. Each LakeAir model can use each of the filter option. 3 Options: HEPA / […]


Troubleshooting a Smoke Eater You spent a lot of money on equipment to remove smoke from your bar/lounge, or home, or even shop. When this machinery isn’t working it is very frustrating. Many times the answer to your problem is fairly easy to fix. In this article we will offer some advice on  troubleshooting a […]

scented candles add to indoor air pollution

Scented Candles Add to Indoor Air Pollution

Scented Candles Add to Indoor Air Pollution: Smoke Eater to the Rescue ! A bit of vanilla, zest of lemon, some autumnal cinnamon, irresistible caramel, and some exhilarating mocha to uplift your mood- who doesn’t like scented candles anyway, especially around the holiday season?  With more than 1 billion pounds of wax being used for […]