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Why the Discussion?

Clean Air is not taken for granted as much as it used to be. To truly grasp the essential elements of clean air, we have to look at it from several points of view. Through out this website we will try to present different views on clean air. We will look at EPA recommendations. We will look to educate you on terms and technologies used in this industry. We will present our ideas along with others, even if we don’t totally agree them.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to educate the viewers of this site whether they be customers, affiliates, re-sellers or just the casual visitor. It is our belief that with education comes power. We want each individual to have the power to help make good choices for themselves and their loved ones. When you make good choices you can’t help but move toward a healthier life. A person breathes in  about 16,000 quarts of air each day. If we help you make that air cleaner, you can’t help but to become more healthy.


We are always looking for new ideas to present. We are working with great authors like Jackie Edwards and Vernon Trollinger  If you know of an author that has good common sense things to say, let us know about them and we will help the message be heard. If you have a topic you would like us to research and write about we will be happy to oblige. There is a from below where you can submit ideas that you feel that would add positively to the conversation about clean air. It should be no surprise that our slogan and goal are and always will be LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere.