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Pet Air Purifier Choices

Pets can be such an important part of our home. Sometimes we need to protect our family from the affect of a pet. Sometimes we need to protect a pet from other activities that happen in our home. Regardless of your particular reason, it is important to find an air purifier that works well with the environmental issues surrounding your pet and family members. More often than not, the most important consideration is how much air purification do you need? Below we list 6 air purifier choices for the home. Some are for small spaces and others for large spaces. At the end of this page we offer a calculator to help determine home much pet air purification you might need.

Our Top Choice in Pet Air Purifiers

8 Great Reasons why the MAX-700 should be your Pet Air Purifier

  • Made in the USA
  • Most Powerful Pet Air  Purifier Made – 750 CFM
  • Washable filter – save on filter replacements
  • Durable construction – 18 gauge steel frame
  • 6′ power cord – 9′ available too
  • Heavy Duty Power Supply
  • Variable Speed Control 41 – 58 dB(A)
  • Available Carbon Filter For Pet Odor Elimination

MAX 700 is the most powerful home air purifier. 750 CFM capacity makes it great at controlling indoor air quality problems associated with pets. It is quiet enough for your cat and strong enough to trap the hair  from your dog. Try the MAX-700, if you are not happy send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

7 reasons to buy a MAX-700

HEPA Lovers Best Choice for a Pet Purifier

8 reasons to buy the LakeAir Maxum HEPA
  • Commercial True HEPA out lasts and out performs the others
  • MERV 2 Filter extends the already Long HEPA Life
  • 18 Gauge Steel Frame – No Cheap Plastic
  • 6 foot Power Cord – 9 foot cord available as well
  • Activated Carbon Filter for Pet Odor Control
  • Variable Speed Control  41 – 58 d(B) A
  • 500 CFM Actual Capacity with filters installed
  • Made in the USA

 The Maxum HEPA cleans the air better in one single pass than other air purifiers. The Commercial True HEPA filter rises up above any of the competitors filters. When you pair the Maxum HEPA’s power, efficiency and quiet operation you see why  this is the right units for people who want HEPA clean air for the homes. Try the Maxum HEPA for 30 days and if you aren’t happy send the unit back for your money back garuntee.

Electrostatic:  This filtration system is a cost effective way to remove pet hair, dander, and most other pollutants from the air. It uses a washable filter cell that has a high clean air delivery rate.

HEPA:  LakeAir HEPA systems use True HEPA technology, not HEPA type. A True HEPA filter captures all pet hair and dander from the air. HEPA filters capture Viruses and Bacteria and other indoor pollution as well.

What’s Best for You? Want an Honest Comparison?

     HEPA vs Electrostatic

HEPA Pro’sHEPA Con’s
Higher EfficiencyHigh Replacement Cost
Easy ReplacementLower Air Flow
 More Landfill Use


Regardless what filtration type you choose, LakeAir provides you with quality air purification to make your home safer for your pets. Our products will help your pets fit better into your. A good Pet Air Purifier makes for a happier home.

Electrostatic Pro’sElectrostatic Con’s
Washable FilterEmits tiny amount of ozone
Higher Air FlowPopping can scare a pet
 Needs washing often