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LakeAir’s air purifiers are all made in the USA—providing your residential or commercial facilities with the cleanest air while getting rid of harmful particles and airborne pollutants. With our experience spanning more than five decades, you can rest assured that our team of air purifier experts know which one is best for your needs.

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An air purifier is a device that captures and filters dangerous particles and then releases fresh, cleaner indoor air. It has been established that the majority of air purifiers can eliminate indoor pollutants including bacteria, dust, pollen, odor, and pet dander, to name a few, successfully.

To avoid respiratory illnesses or allergy issues in people, an air purifier can restrict the transmission of dangerous airborne particles and allergens, resulting in cleaner air quality. The tool is frequently utilized in workplaces, residences, educational facilities, commercial properties, and hospitals.

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Discounts for Seniors | Veterans | First Responders

We offer discounts to our USA Veterans. They have sacrificed much so we can have a free economy.  We also offer discounts to first responders. We value their dedication to protecting and serving us here at home.  And if you are elderly and on a fixed income, we will reduce prices for you. Everyone should have access to clean air.

Contact us and we will do all we can to make clean air affordable. We are dedicated to providing clean air for everyone, everywhere.

An Air Purifier Made in the USA ~ Really

LakeAir Products are really made in the USA. While many of our competitors and other companies in our industry claim that their products are made in the USA, upon closer examination, we find many of their parts are made abroad, brought here, and assembled into their air purifiers and smoke eaters.

There are very specific standards that must be met before a company can legally claim a product is made in the USA. 

To make a LakeAir Air Purifier, we first bring in sheets of American steel, aluminum, and GPO3.  These sheets are cut into parts with our laser. We process the parts on our punch presses which are formed with sturdy brake presses.

The steel frames are welded by American craftsmen. Frames are powder-coated by local experts in Racine WI. The complete frames are assembled in our plant into high-quality air purifiers.

You can be confident your LakeAir Air Purifier is made in the USA. Read more here.

LakeAir uses two types of technologies for its filters: Electrostatic and HEPA filtration.

An Electrostatic filter is a filtration system that is a cost-effective way to remove smoke, dust, and pollen from the air. It uses a washable filter cell that has a high clean air delivery rate.

A True HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filter captures bacteria and viruses from the air, while an ordinary HEPA-type filter is not as effective. Our LakeAir HEPA air purifier uses True HEPA technology and not HEPA type.

What’s Best for You? Want an Honest Comparison?

We’ve prepared a head-to-head here: HEPA vs Electrostatic

UVGI Cell for the LAFC-HUV
UVGI Air Sanitization
  • Media – Media Filtration is a lower-cost alternative for users on a budget. They allow customers to buy American and still receive great quality air cleaners. This technology will filter the air removing most offensive particles.
  • Activated Carbon – All LakeAir Products include an activated carbon filter. This is the best technology available to remove odors and VOCs. You will find a large selection of activated charcoal filters in our replacement filter section.
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) – Filters deactivate the DNA of viruses, mold, and bacteria. These filters are available in many of our most popular filtration devices. They are highly recommended for medical facilities.

We Use Technologies Recommended by ASHRAE

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Frequently-Asked Questions

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC sets a very high standard on products that are labeled “Made in the USA”. Each LakeAir Air Purifier that you purchase meets this high level of quality as well as supports the American manufacturing sector.

You can read about our manufacturing process here.

While this is practically a must for asthma sufferers, there are still a number of dangerous air pollutants floating around such as allergens, bacteria, dust, mold, and other particles that run the risk of causing serious medical illnesses for anyone. Mitigate their effects by using an air purifier that has the right room coverage.

There really isn’t a clear winner here as both technologies have their place. Efficiency, cost of operation, space considerations when you have a large room, pressure drops, ultra-quiet noise levels – all of these play a part in making an informed decision.

LakeAir manufactures both types. We’ve even prepared information here. In case you need help in choosing the right one for you, you can always give our experts a call at 800-558-9436.

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