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Why LakeAir Brand Air Purifiers?

Clean Air has always been a passion for the LakeAir Team. The Corona Virus Pandemic has shown the importance of clean air. With the new guidelines published by ASHRAE in April 2020, America has been asked to upgrade the air purification in homes, commercial buildings, and medical facilities. We have focused our energy to provide better air filtration products for these new needs. Look to LakeAir to provide you with affordable MERV 14 and higher solutions to keep the air we breathe safe.

Clean air is in the top 3 health concerns according to the Center for Disease Control. Respiratory health concerns affect over 50 million Americans. 25 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma. Another 15 million have COPD. The vaccines for COVID-19 are only going to provide 9 months of protection. We need clean air today and tomorrow. 

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Dirty Indoor Air

We spend 90% of the time indoors. Dirty air affects us at home, in school and on the job. Indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. The buildings we live and work in produce indoor air pollution. Furniture, furnishing and carpets off gas VOCs. Mold grows in damp spots in our homes. Pollen and pet dander are trapped in the home where we spend the bulk of our time. Radon seeps into the indoor environment from the ground. Viruses are a larger threat than ever and can linger indoors for days.

The Air Purifying Answer

Cleaning the air in our home can be an easy matter. A whole house air purifier and room air purifiers can effectively clean the air where we live, work and play. It is important to choose the right products for each air cleaning job. The home air purifier is not likely the answer where a commercial air purifier is needed. Our website is here to educate consumers. You will find answers to clean air questions. We display a large selection of air purifier products for you to choose from.

5 LakeAir Air Purifying Technologies

 Electrostatic:  This filtration system is a cost effective way to remove smoke, dust, pollen from the air. It uses a washable filter cell that has a high clean air delivery rate.

HEPA:  LakeAir HEPA systems use True HEPA technology, not HEPA type. A True HEPA filter captures bacteria and viruses from the air. HEPA type filters are not as effective.

Media:  Media Filtration is a lower cost alternative for users on a budget. They allow customers to buy American and still receive great quality air cleaner. This technology will filter the air removing most offensive particles.

Activated Carbon:  All LakeAir Products include an activated carbon filter. This is the best technology available to remove odors and VOCs. You will find a large selection of activated charcoal filters in our replacement filter section.

UVGI: (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) filters deactivate the DNA of viruses, mold, and bacteria. These filters are available in many of our most popular filtration devices. They are highly recommended for medical facilities.

LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere

Our products are made to be used in many different environments. We make air purifiers for the home. We produce quality room air purifiers. We sell whole house air purifying models. We manufacture air cleaning products for the work place. Our commercial models remove harmful particles from the air we breathe at work. We supply air purifiers at a discount to schools. We even offer a free 30 day trial for any school that would like to see if our products are a good fit for their classrooms.

We have air purifiers for professional settings like doctor’s offices and banks. Our air purifiers clean the air in many of the social gathering sites like restaurants and cigar bars. Our Air purifying products are used in American homes. They are used at SPACEX , by Childress Racing and thousands of other places where clean air is important. Our Goal and Mission is and will remain: “LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere”.

American Made

Our products are made in our plant in Racine WI. Some brands are “assembled” in the USA.  At LakeAir we cut the American steel and aluminum. We punch, bend, weld and paint the parts in Racine. Each unit is assembled by American workers. This is a truly American made product. Our products have been made here since 1968.

Green manufacturing is much more than energy efficiency.  LakeAir follows six green manufacturing principles.  The six principles include durability, recyclability, locally, and energy-efficient.  LakeAir products last 2 to 3 times longer than most air purifiers.  Over 90% of our parts are recyclable.  Our products use local resources.  Our air purifiers cost only pennies a day to run. From our packaging to our smallest of parts, “green” is something we constantly strive for.

Customer Service and Parts

You can reach our Customer Service 7 days a week. We are here to serve you when you need our help. Just call 800-558-9436. You can get email support from customer service.  We will help you troubleshoot an older model you bought from a neighbor. Every LakeAir customers is important.  LakeAir Air Purifiers have been around since 1968. We still carry parts and replacement filters for all of them. Good luck trying to find replacement parts for a big box brand that is over 2 years old. 

Built to Last

All of our products are made to a commercial grade. We use all-steel construction in every product. High-quality components are the backbone of the LakeAir Brand. We use steel, aluminum, GPO3, ceramic, and tungsten materials. We avoid plastic that is so prevalent in cheaply built brands. Expect your LakeAir product to last long after its 7-year warranty

Our Products Really Work

Special Offers

We offer discounts to our USA Veterans. They have sacrificed much so we can have a free economy. We offer discounts to first responders. We value their dedication to protecting and serving us here at home. If you are elderly and on a fixed income we will reduce prices for you. Everyone should have clean air. Contact us and we will do all we can to make clean air affordable. We are dedicated to provide clean air for everyone, everywhere.

Discounts for Special Groups

Most Popular Products

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