Affordable Air Purifiers

Affordable Air Purifiers: (Refurbished)

We believe everyone should have clean air. That’s why LakeAir provides a more affordable alternative to new products. Refurbished Air purifiers are lower in price than their new counterparts. A rehabilitated commercial air purifier costs under $1000.00.  Residential models are as cheap as $229.00. A renewed product can keep the air in your home or business clean and healthy. So, if you are on a budget consider an affordable refurbished LakeAir Brand Air Purifier.  Many elderly are on a fixed income. Consequently we recommend a reconditioned air purifier to make clean air more economical.

Affordable Benefits

LakeAir air purifying products offer different levels of cleaning efficiency. HEPA models are 99.97% efficient. Electrostatic units remove 97% of indoor air particle. LakeAir refurbished Media Air cleaners are most affordable and take away 85% of PM10 particles out of the air.

They are a cost effective way to remove dust, smoke, pollen and other annoying particles from the air. We breathe in 16,000 quarts of air a day. That air is full of tiny particles that can aggravate our respiratory systems. Likewise, these particles can cause coughing and stuffy noses. Your rebuilt LakeAir product will remove them. Therefore, your home will be a nicer place to be with an affordable home air purifier.

Reconditioning Process

We refurbish returned and trade in models. They are inspected to be sure they are suitable for this use. We check the body for cracks and failing paint. We test the motors for speed and quick starts. The voltage and amperage of the power supplies is measured. Workers ispects cells for broken wires and bent plates. After all of these steps are completed, we decided whether a unit is a good candidate to become an affordable air purifier.

We clean the bodies thoroughly. Any failing paint is touched up. We replace fan motors in most cases. Technicians install new parts needed in power supplies.We clean the filter cells. Units are reassembled carefully. Finally, each product is carefully repacked in new packaging which is made of mostly recycled products.

Responsible Manufacturing

Instead of adding to the landfill, we strive to recycle as much as we can. Every refurbished unit is a victory for the environment. We repair old units. LakeAir reuses packing material when possible. Material recycling is important. We strive to reduce the ecological footprint of our business. All of our excess wire is recycled. Our scrap steel and aluminum is sold to reduce operating costs. As a result, we embrace our motto, “clean air everywhere”.

Strong Warranty

The Refurbished Product warranty is as good as most new units. LakeAir products last many years. Customers from all over the world tell us that their LakeAir products last over 20 years. You should expect many years of service from your LakeAir refurbished air purifier. We warrant your product for 1 year. It will be free from defects in material and workmanship. You can return your product up to 30 days after purchased

New Units are Affordable too

We offer other low cost options on new air purifiers. You can even get a whole house air purifier for free!  Check out THIS LINK for details. LakeAir products cost pennies a day to run. They last for years and years. The benefits for your family are amazing. Add this all up. You will find any LakeAir air purifier is affordable. If you still need a better deal, fill out the form below and we will do all we can to find you the best deal possible.

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