Best Carbon Filter for Cannabis

What is the Best Carbon Filter for Cannabis?

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Hemp, Marijuana or Cannabis, it all stinks

Growing cannabis is legal in many places. However , the smell of this medicinal plant is not always welcome.  As the popularity of this crop grows so does the desire to help it fit into everyday life.  At LakeAir we are noticing a new focus on how to control the odors associated with it. Regular carbon  media removes cannabis odors to a degree. There are technological advancements in carbon filter media that have made new products available. 

Cannabis Odor Control

 Whether you smoke pot, grow marijuana  or produce any of a number of hemp products, we have the filter for you. Our Cannabis Odor Control Filters use a  media blend  that removes terpenes & teraponids produced from cannabis plants. It does an exceptional job on all aspects of cannabis odor removal.

Cannablend, LakeAir’s product of choice for marijuanna smoke odor removal has the complex nature required to be effective. Cannablend is made from virgin activated carbon and zeolite. The zeolite is impregnated with potassium permanganate which is especially good at absorbing acetic gasses, aldehydes, and amines. Adding this cleansing to zeolite creates a super cannabis odor absorbing media.

To be effective you must force the odorous gasses of marijuanna to come in direct contact with the odor absorbing media. We suggest eight to 12 air changes per hour to remove the odor from the air. The acetic gasses from cannabis takes  much longer to remove them from the air than normal odors . This is why you need a air purifying system that creates a large volume of air turn over.

For a look at a complete line of systems that are designed for serious pot enthusiasts and grow room visit our weed smoke eater page.

Gases, including odor molecules, are incredibly small particles that can slip past both zeolite and activated carbon. However, every time they pass through the odor control media, there is a chance they will be absorbed. The longer they are in contact with the media bed, the greater the chance of their removal from the air stream.

As a general guideline, LakeAir’s team recommends eight to twelve air changes per hour (ACH) to effectively remove odor gases from the air. However, some gases are more easily removed than others. In the case of acetic gases from weed smoke, it can take much longer to remove them from the air. Therefore, it’s important to increase the contact time between the odorous gases and the filtering media to ensure effective removal.

To determine the amount of airflow required to achieve eight air changes per hour in a specific room size, LakeAir has a handy cannabis air purification calculator available on our website. Simply enter the dimensions of your room, and the calculator will provide you with the necessary cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow required to achieve the recommended ACH for effective odor removal.

It’s worth noting that the number of ACH required may vary depending on the severity of the odor problem and the sensitivity of the individuals in the environment. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the air purifier you select has an appropriate airflow rate for the room size in question. A unit with too little airflow will not effectively remove odors, while one with too much airflow can create excessive noise and drafts.

For a look at a complete line of systems that are designed for serious pot enthusiasts and grow room visit our weed smoke eater page.

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Small Room Pot Odor Control


Growing, harvesting or enjoying, the Maxum HEPA-420  Cannabis air purification system will  work in a room up to 350 Square feet for only $775.00. This air purifier has both a True HEPA filter and a cannabis odor carbon control filter. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for discreet enjoyment of your craft or hobby. 

Large Room Weed Odor Control

Enjoying some great smoke with friends is a blast. But no-one wants to go home smelling like a bong. The MAX-Guard HEPA 420 removes the smoke in a single pass. the 4.4 pound cannablend filter removes the odor from the air. This will keep your smoking room smelling fresh and will help your friends go home without the scent of what you smoked all over them. 

Grow Farm Odor / VOC Extractor

Many times your grow farm needs to be a good neighbor. The biggest complaint against grow farms is the odor emitted by them. Many municipalities have regulations on odors from grow farms. The LA2 VOC extractor can help you be a good neighbor and stay within you local are regulations.

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