Commercial Smoke Eater

Commercial Smoke Removal Systems

Commercial Smoke Eaters are used in a number of industries. LakeAir manufactures several models of smoke removal products. Finding the right product for our need is not always a straight forward process. This page is dedicated to helping you find the right commercial smoke eater and the right amount of smoke filtration. 

2 Feet x 4 Feet Ceiling Mounted and Ceiling Grid Mounted Systems

Models with Electrostatic Filtration Systems

Models with HEPA or Media Filtration Systems

2 Foot by 2 Foot Compact Ceiling Mount and Ceiling Grid Commercial Systems

  • 300 – 800 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • 2′ x 2  Ceiling Grid /  Ceiling Hung  
  • $1850.00 

  • 200 – 500 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / HEPA / Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed control
  • 2′ x 2  Ceiling Grid /  Ceiling Hung  
  • $1750.00

  • 250- 650 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • MERV 15 and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed control
  • 2′ x 2  Ceiling Grid /  Ceiling Hung  
  • $1650.00

Portable Commercial Air Purifying Systems

  • 400 – 1500 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Filter Cell 16 x 20 x 5
  • $2600.00 

  • 200 – 900 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / HEPA / Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed control
  • HEPA Filter  16 x 20 x 5
  • $2300.00

  • 350- 1100 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / MERV 15 / Carbon
  • Variable speed control
  • 98%  Efficient to 0.3 Micron
  • $2150.00

Ceiling Hung / Wall Mounted / Cart Commercial Air Purifying Systems

Electrostatic Propeller Powered Units

Single Blower Smoke Eater Air Scrubber

LAAS Air Scrubber by LakeAir
  • 6 Different Filtration Combination
  • Electrostatic, True HEPA and Odor Control
  • 300 – 950 CFM
  • 12″ standard Duct Adapter
  • $1600.00 – $2995.00

Double Blower Smoke Eater Air Scrubber

LAAS-1600 Air Scrubber
  • 6 Different Filtration Combination
  • Electrostatic, True HEPA and Odor Control
  • 600 – 1900 CFM
  • 12″ standard Duct Adapter
  • $1795.00 – $2600.00

Choosing the Right Smoke Eater

There are many questions to ask yourself when choosing which smoke eater product is best suited for your business:

  • How do I want to mount the smoke eater?
  • What is the best Filtration for my business?
  • How much filtration do I need
  • How will I control the smoke eater


Commercial Smoke Eater Mounting Options

LakeAir Provides 7 different ways to mount your Smoke Eater

  • Flush Ceiling Mount
  • Attached to Ceiling
  • Ceiling Hung
  • Wall Mounted
  • Flush Wall Mount
  • Remotely Ducted (Air Scrubber)
  • Cart Mount

Flush Ceiling

The LakeAir LAFC was designed to fit easily into a 2′ x 4′ ceiling grid.  The 2x2CM units mount in a  2′ x 2′ ceiling grid, hence the name. These smoke eaters are light enough that they are easily suspended from the same framework that supports the drop ceiling grid. Each model comes with 4 eyebolts that attach to the top of the unit for easy hanger attachment. Flush ceiling mounted units blend into the surroundings and they really work

Direct to Ceiling

Mounting brackets allow you to mount the LAFC and 2 x2 models directly to the ceiling, screwing into the existing ceiling rafters. The brackets are made of formed 14 gauge steel and easily support the weight of your smoke eater. 

Ceiling Hung

LA2, LAFC and 2×2 smoke eater models can be ceiling hung. All commercial smoke removal products have 4 welded nut inserts that can support the units in a ceiling hung operation. Ceiling hung installation has the advantage of easy relocation as you experiment with the optimum arrangement for your unique shop environment.

Wall Mounted

With Part# 101091 wall mount kit you can mount your LA2 smoke air purifier on the wall. The bracket mounts the unit parallel with the wall, moving the air around the room. This sturdy wall mount is designed on 16″ centers.

New Flush Wall Mount

In February of 2022 we will be introducing a new line of flush to wall mount smoke eaters. This new product will allow you to mount a powerful smoke eater in your wall.  The design will be to mount the unit about 5 or more feet above the ground. The exhaust will be at the top of the unit and will help circulate clean air throughout the room. For more information and pre-order options please call our customer service at 800-558-9436.

Ducted (Air Scrubber Smoke Eaters)

Air Scrubbers can be mounted in rooms adjacent to where the air is being purified. The LAAS model air scrubbers can move air from the target room, remove all the smoke and odor then return it with very litlle ambient sound. This process requires duct work which will reduce the over all capacity.

Cart or Caster Mounted

There are occasions where your smoke removal needs to be portable. All LA2 models have the ability to be mounted on carts or have casters attached.

Mounting Options Summary

For most smoking venues the mounted flush to the ceiling is usually the mounting option of choice.. The most popular flush to ceiling mount is the LAFC-RC2-S.  Ceiling hung is another popular option and the LA2000 with its 2000 CFM of air handling capacity is the smoke remover. In the future we expect many smoking establishments will be making use of our new flush to the wall unit. Regardless of your space, LakeAir has the smoke eater and mounting solution that will work for your business.

Commercial Smoke Eater Filter Options

LakeAir Smoke Eliminating products offer 4 types of filtration. Each filtration type has its positive and negative attributes.  The LA2 platform will allow you to combine these types of filtration and even add other options as well.

  • HEPA
  • Electrostatic
  • MERV 15 Smoke Guard
  • Activated Carbon

HEPA Smoke Removal

HEPA filters are the most effective at removing smoke. True HEPA filters 99.97% of particles. However, they have drawbacks. If the air purifier blower is not powerful enough it moves far too little air to be effective. They have a higher cost of maintenance due to the cost of filter replacement. LakeAir HEPA Smoke Eaters Use True HEPA filters not HEPA type filters.

Why Choose HEPA Filters for Smoke Removal


  • HEPA filters don’t have to be washed, they change out quickly
  • HEPA Filters captures 99.97% of all indoor pollutants
  • HEPA Filters produce no Ozone


  • HEPA filters replacement cost $175- $250 (1 or more times a year)
  • Discarded HEPA filters add toxic waste to landfills
  • HEPA Filters Unit typically have lower CFM Capacity

How Air Filters Trap Smoke.

Filters work in an air purifier in 3 ways. These methods of trapping dirt particles are called mechanical methods. The first method is impaction.  When smoke tries to go through the tight weave of a filter it is trapped. The second method is interception: When a smoke particles gets close enough to a filter fiber it is caught and trapped. The third mechanical method is diffusion.. In a filter, diffusion causes the smaller particle to move out of the main air stream. The small particle matter moves slower. Then, it is trapped by the first two methods.

How a filter traps dirt in a home air purifiier

Electrostatic Smoke Removal

A LakeAir Electrostatic smoke eater uses 2 types of air filter technologies. The first air filter is an electrostatic precipitator. Smoke is given an electrical charge in the first section. In the second section, the smoke is attracted to the aluminum plates just like metal to a magnet. The particles are trapped on the plates until it is washed away.  Our electrostatic cells are 97% efficient on smoke particles as small .1 microns. They have a low cost of maintenance but must be kept clean to be truly efficient.

Why Choose Electrostatic Smoke Removal


  • Electrostatic filters are washable saving you money
  • Electrostatic filters are open and allow more air flow
  • Electrostatic filters reduce landfill use


  • Electrostatic filters produce 0.5 parts per million Ozone
  • Electrostatic filters need regular cleaning to be effective
  • Electrostatic filters sometimes make a “popping” noise

The Electrostatic Smoke Filtering Process

Electrostatic air purification is a 2 stage filtering system. In the first stage, the smoky air is drawn through the particle ionizer. Here the smoke in the air is given a negative charge. The second stage is a series of collection plates. The  charged smoke particles are attracted to the plates and are trapped. The smoke remains on the filter plates until they are removed when the filter is washed. 

Electronic Air Cleaner Illustration for home air purifiers

Electrostatic Filter Cell Essentials ( Regular Cleaning)

Electrostatic smoke removal depends on 2 things, residency time (how long smoke is in contact with the filter) and fairly clean filter plates. To help your filter cell work well, wash it regularly. If you don’t keep the filter clean you are likely to encounter a snapping noise much like a bug zapper. This noise is a sure sound to tell  you its time to clean your electrostatic filter. The 2 videos below touch on both of these subjects.

Dirty Electrostatic Cell Needs to be washed regularily
A Dirty Filter Cell is Less Efficient

MERV 15 Smoke Guard Filter

Starting in 2022 LakeAir is offering a 3rd Smoke Removal Filter option. The MERV 15 Smoke Guard filter will remove most tobacco smoke. This filter has a lower back pressure rating than the True HEPA filter. This allows more air to pass through the Smoke Guard. The replacement cost will be  lower than a HEPA filter.  Customers often request a low cost filter that still provides decent performance cost without using  electrostatic filtration. This filter can be used in place of either the true HEPA or Electrostatic Filter Cell. Call our customer service number 800-558-9436 for ordering information.

Activated Carbon Smoke Odor Removal

The best and safest way to remove smoke odors is via activated carbon filters. Each LakeAir product includes carbon filtration. When choosing your commercial smoke removal system you will likely have options as to how much carbon filtration you want to purchase. Some venues don’t care about odor, for others it is a primary concern. Whatever camp you are in LakeAir has the smoke odor removal product for you.

Effective Odor Removal

Carbon filtration removes smoke odors and more importantly harmful VOC’s from your business. Every LakeAir Smoke Eater comes with a carbon filter. Most of our products have 2 options standard and super carbon filters. Standard filters are made of mesh and carbon media. They absorb odors well, but the volume they can absorb is much less than needed by a smoky venue. The Super Carbon filters contain over 30 times more carbon and can absorb many more odors than a standard carbon filter. Some products offer Ultra carbon filter they have as much a 1000 times more carbon

Carbon filters sometimes called charcoal filters, take odor out of the air. This is accomplished through a process call absorption. Activated carbon has a  very porous structure, which allow gas particles to be trapped in the cracks and crevices of the carbon.

Carbon Structure

How Many (CFM) do I need?

The biggest mistake business owners make is under filtering the air.  Installing an undersized commercial smoke eater system is just like installing to small of an HVAC unit. To dissipate the heat of the air you need a certain tonnage of cooling. To small of an air-conditioner will not cool a room and too small of a smoke eater wont remove the smoke and its odor.

Air purification and smoke eaters are expensive. Keeping your smoke eaters well maintained will help, but in the end you still need a sufficient amount of cleaning capacity. We have developed tools to help show you the volume of air purification required to clean the air of smoke.

Smoke Eater Capacity Calculator.

Understanding the Calculator Results

The smoke eater capacity calculator will give you a good idea of  how much air purification you need in CFM (cubic feet per minute). It allows you to choose from different smoking activities like hookah and cigars. It also shows you how many of what different types of LakeAir smoke eaters you will need to keep the air clean.

The calculator does not take into account the number of smokers or how heavily or lightly they might smoke. So, the results aren’t perfect but they will give you a good idea of  how many you need. The cost provided is strictly MSRP. If you are buying 3 or more units you will more than likely be qualified for a discount. We invite you to give us a call and get our advice and special pricing.

Controlling Your Smoke Eaters

All of our smoke eaters have on and off switches on the unit. Some are equipped with variable speed controllers on the units themselves. In most case the customer controls the air purification from a wall switch. All of our units can have variable speed controls on the wall. If this method is being used, it is very important that the units are wired correctly. We send wire instructions with every unit, but often these instructions are ignored and the units either do not function properly or is damaged. Your warranty does not cover you for improper wiring that damages motors or controllers. You can find examples of our wiring diagrams on this wire diagram page.