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The LA2-RC2-HOC is a heavy-duty commercial HEPA air purifier. It provides up to 1200 CFM of HEPA and Carbon filtration for businesses.


Heavy Duty Commercial HEPA Air Purifier

The LA2-RC2-HOC uses (2) 1000 CFM blowers to draw the dirty air from your business through a 6 inch true HEPA filter. The HEPA filter (part number 499082) will remove 99.97% of contaminants from the air. This filter is robust and will have an extended life.

The air is then drawn through a 4 chamber activated carbon filter where odors and VOCs are removed. The Ultra 4 Carbon filter (part number 499025)  contains about 5 pounds of activated carbon. The filter normally is filled with coconut shell carbon, but can be ordered in other blends to increase the odor absorption for specific odor problems like cannabis and TCE

LakeAir RC2 Stackable Air Purifiers

Product Information

The LA2-RC2 is approved for installation in all states, even the state of California. It has zero ozone emittance and contains no prop 65 materials. While it has not been formally certified for European use it is ROHS compliant. The LA2-RC2 can be mounted in several ways. There are 4 eye bolts to hang the unit from the ceiling. Optional wall mount kit allows you to hang this unit from a wall or post in your facility. The LA2-RC2-HOC has 4 rubber feet which can be removed to expose (1/4-20) inserts for mounting to a utility cart. This is certainly one of our most popular commercial air purifiers.

This heavy duty commercial  air purifier has a variable speed controller. This allow you to adjust the sound level from 43 to 68 dB(A). As the sound level goes up so does the CFM of the machine.  You can achieve 600 to 1200 CFM of HEPA air cleaning.


  • Capacity                                                       600-1200 CFM
  • Filter Slots                                                   2 Large & 2 Mini
  • Unit Size                                                      21.5″ x 22″ x 21.5″
  • Shipping Size                                              23″ x 30″ x 23″
  • Unit Weight                                                105 – 115 pounds
  • Shipping Weight                                        135 pounds
  • Power Usage                                               600 watts
  • Power                                                           120v, / AC 60 Hz/ 3 Amps
  • Sound Level                                                 43 – 69 dB(A) @ 15 feet
  • Particle removal                                         99.97% to 0.3 microns
  • Cabinet Finish                                             Black & White Steel Clad Vinyl
  • Warranty                                                       7 Year Limited

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