LA2 | LAAS | MAX | WM Ultra Carbon Filter 4.5 499025


This is the replacement activated carbon filter for the LA2000-OC. It has a galvanized steel frame. It will remove odor in a room 40′ x 40′. This filter weighs 10 pounds and has free shipping.


The Ultra 6 Carbon filter is designed to work in our LA2000-OC LAAS and LA2-RC2 Products .  It features a galvanized steel frame. It’s honeycomb design holds 8 pounds of activated carbon. This filter will remove odors and harmful VOCs. This filter is disposable.

The activated carbon removes many unwanted smells and VOCs from the air. Activated carbon absorbs the harmful gasses.  Each granule of carbon has a large surface area. This allows odor to be absorbed. Activated carbon is the best way to remove odors. We use a blend high grade carbons to provide the odor control.  Carbon filters have a finite life. They need to be replaced after they have absorbed all the odor it can. 
Carbon Structure

You can use this filter inplace of the right electrostatic cell to increase the odor efficiency of your current LA2000.Be sure to remove the right electrostatic cell and unplug the high voltage lead to that cell contact block. It is advisable to completely cover the quick disconnect of the high voltage wire with electricians tape to avoid arcing. The filter will slide right into place where your right cell was placed.

  • Part Number           499025
  • Weight                      10.3 pounds
  • Price                          $240.00 (free shipping)


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