Air Purifier Calculators.

Understanding how much air purification your project needs is often not easily estimated.  At LakeAir we have been providing air purification equipment for businesses and home owners since 1968. Over the years we have learned what the needs of consumers are. To make this information easy to obtain and understand we have developed several different calculating tools for different applications. We will continue to develop more calculators that are based on real world situations. We currently offer 3 different clean air calculators and you can look for us to develop more in the coming months and years. 

In each calculator you will be asked to input the area or room dimensions. Each dimension has its own entry box. Enter the room dimensions in feet. If the room has an odd shape, but you know enter the length and width as an average that when multiplied together equals the total square feet. For example:

If you knew a room was 1000 square feet but had several different walls with varying lengths, just enter 2 numbers that when multiplied equals 1000. It doesn’t matter that your room is an L shape. As long as the length multiplied by width equals the proper total of square feet. 

Ceiling height often varies through out the room.  If you have a room that start at 10 feet high  but ends at 8 feet high, enter the average height, in this case 9 feet.

Our Current Air Purification Calculators

Smoke Eater Project Estimator

This calculator looks at larger projects. Are you opening a cigar lounge? This calculating tool is geared for bigger room with more people smoking. Like many of our tools this one estimates what the cost of Air Purification will be

Cigar Air Purification Calculator

This Calculator was created to help home owners estimate the amount of air purification needed for cigar and cigarette use in the home. Cigar rooms are very popular and this will help planning them much easier.

Pet Air Purification Calculator

How much air purification will you need to keep your pets and your indoor air quality in harmony? This calculator takes into account how many pets you have, If the shed a little or a lot!  This tool gives good advice aair cleaning volume

Cannabis Smoke and Odor Calculator

Do you enjoy your weed and your room mate not so much? This calculator focuses on removing the smell that smoking and growing Pot leaves behind. 

General Air purification Calculator

This Calculator is used for general uses. The calculator offers some suggestions for number of air changes. This is a very useful tool we use every day to help with estimating.