Air Purification for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens require a more complex approach to air filtration than a household kitchen. While they may create the same meals, the quantity of food and therefore air pollution is much greater.  

Commercial Kitchen Emissions

Kitchen Smoke

While the smoke filter is not the first filter  that we use in a commercial kitchen air cleaner it is the one most people think of. The LA2 and LAFC units used in business kitchens remove 97% of smoke that passes through them. It is important to note that this is the capture rate when a kitchen smoke filter is clean. As it gathers smoke from the air it loses efficiency. Most commercial kitchens wash every filter once a weak. The efficiency drops 1-4% each week. It is important to keep these filters clean. Your LakeAir Kitchen smoke filter cell will last 20 years or more. Don’t be afraid to wash it often. Beyond that it is warranted for 7 years.

Kitchen Smoke Filtration

Kitchen Grease

Removing grease from kitchen air is a special task. The grease filter is designed of high grade stainless steel. The filter is built to change the direction of grease laden air at sharp angles. The rapid decrease in air speed causes the grease particles and drop out of the airstream because it is heavier than the smoke and air. Our grease filters remove 94% of the airborne grease, according to the filter manufacture. These filter are well constructed and should be washed once a week just like the electrostatic smoke filter. 

Kitchen Grease Filtration

Grease Baffle Filter for LA2-RC2-Kitchen

Kitchen Odors

Kitchen odors maybe pleasant in the home, but to much of anything isn’t good. Your restaurant customers should smell the food at their table not everything being cooked all at once. All of our kitchen air purifiers provide carbon odor adsorption. Our culinary filters add an extra dose of carbon to keep unwanted odors at bay. The LA2-Kitchen unit has a carbon filter with a 3″filter bed and 2000 grams of odor adsorbing activated carbon. A longer filter bed, in this case is needed to remove more kitchen smells more quickly. 

Kitchen Odor Filtration

499060 3.0 Carbon Filter

Commercial Level Air Flow

Commercial Kitchens require 6-12 Air Changes per hour of Air Flow.  The Average commercial kitchen (according to Cooking Equipment Specialist) is about 1050 square feet. The LA2-RC2 Kitchen will provide 8 air changes per hour to a standard commercial kitchen. Any commercial kitchen larger in size should consider adding makeup air to its air purification recipe.

Makeup air is an important element to any kitchen especially those using any open flame. Certain fumes generated in a kitchen cannot be removed with air purification. These need to vented outside and replace with fresh air.

Professional Kitchen Air Purifiers

  • LA2-RC2 Kitchen Electrostatic
  • 1000  CFM 8 Air Changes 1000 sq. ft.  
  • Variable Speed 43- 68 dB(A)  
  • Grease / Electrostatic / Carbon 
  • 97% to 0.1 Micron
  • $2395.00 ~ 1000 CFM

The LA2-RC2-Kitchen air purifier has 3 washable filters to lower operating costs. The carbon filter will need to be replaced every 2-4 months depending on the volume of kitchen odors to be removed. The filters are available for as little as $160.00 with LakeAir’s filter subscription program.

This unit can be mounted on a wall, hung from the ceiling, above the stove or flat-top. on a counter. Just about any place. Unit usually deliver within 5 days from order.

Other Air Purification Options for Professional Kitchens

LakeAir Provides Air Purification for Different Commercial Applications

A commercial kitchen is almost always a part of a larger venture. If you need answer to air purification problems look to the experts at LakeAir to provide answers that make sense for you business.