3 Common Indoor Pollutants We Ignore and How An Air Purifier Resolves Them

Whenever we hear the term “pollution”, we often create a mental picture of dusty air on the roads and industrial pollution outdoors. What we forget, intentionally or unintentionally, are the pollutants that are present indoors. These indoor pollutants are more likely to be hazardous to our health as we spend more time inside. In this blog, we will revisit a common topic and inform you about the importance of air purifiers for pet hair and other indoor pollutants that we seemingly neglect.

Pet Dander and Hair

Being a pet parent can be very rewarding and most often fun. You have a personal companion who cheers you up when you are down. But have you ever imagined the unintentional harm they unknowingly cause to you?

Pet dander is the dried and flaky skin that is shed by all animals, even our pets, This powerful indoor pollutant can cause an allergic reaction to pet parents, family members and visitors. A pet’s skin is loaded with germs and mites, and the chances are good that larvae, spores and even fungal diseases could be inhaled by you while playing with them.

Grooming your pet is a good practice, however the act of removing shedding pet hair to the trash can achieve the same disgusting results. Its not likely to cause a massive health emergency but it could put elderly or the very young at greater risk. Grooming your pet next to a quality pet air purifier can reduce this indoor pollution and help protect all those you love.

Dust from Furniture and Carpets

Dust enters our homes every day. If you live in a rural area or near a developing community dust is often time frequent and heavy. Dust settles everywhere in our homes. It lands on indoor furniture and decor items. The dust motes you see in the sunlight settle in couch cushions and pillows. Some dust will land in concealed areas like high shelves and chandeliers. If left unchecked this dust will work its way into our lungs. Some dust particles are so small they can even enter our blood stream. This polluted air, when it reaches your bronchioles, may trigger an aggravated body response that disturbs your body’s harmony.

Dusting and cleaning this dust is a prudent practice but often leads to more airborne dust. Cleaning with a cloth that grabs the dust and holds it is a good practice. Using a damp rag will also help reduce floating indoor dust pollution. The addition of an engineered product like a LakeAir HEPA air purifier.

Home Products Off gassing

When you bring new products home, you potentially bring gaseous pollution with them. New products built with modern materials are prone to release fumes as they age. The glues used to hold furniture and plywood together emits nasty chemicals as they cure. New Carpets and some rugs unless made of wholly natural fibres will undoubtedly off gas to an extent.

It’s not really possible to purchase chemical free all natural products for our homes. Even the paint we use to brighten and beautify our dwellings let off sometimes dangerous chemicals. A home air purifiers with a good activated carbon filter included in its systems can help remove these unwanted vapours that come along with our latest home improvements.

The Need for Air Purifiers

LakeAir air purifiers are an engineered solution to restore the deteriorating indoor air quality we live in. You will find well thought out features that make a meaningful difference in the quality of our lives. E produce simple to use products. We don’t use circuit boards that render a product useless should it need repair. Our products are generational, yes, your kids will be able to use the LakeAir units you buy today.

Be sure to purchase an air purifier that will remove the particles like pet dander and dust from the air you breathe. Buy air purifying products that include activated carbon filters that remove the odor from our pets. Use activated carbon filters to protect your family from the off gassing of new products and any other unseen poison from the air. We encourage you to look for a well made product like a LakeAir air purifying product.

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