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Randy Bush CEO LakeAir

In the fall of 2011 the owners of Air Aware Inc. approached me about helping them with the LakeAir website. I have been developing websites since 2005. I had a good idea of how to improve the LakeAir site but I knew almost nothing about the product. I had a good understanding of air purification from my past. You see, I had owned a sandblasting company and keeping the air clean was a big part of our business.

In 2011 I started photographing the product. I read through all the printed material and familiarized myself with the jargon of the air purification trade. I listened to the views of the company’s owner and the ideas of the lead engineer. It was a baptism by immersion in the company views of what made a good air purifier. My knowledge of the basics of clean air grew with each passing month.

In 2015 poor health in the company’s owner’s family brought me closer to the day to day operations. I took over the customer complaint department early in the year. I started to work with the customer list by the end of May. In June the owner approached me about buying LakeAir out right. A purchase agreement was signed and in October I took over operation of LakeAir. In February of 2016 I and my business partner Leigh purchased the assets of Air Aware Inc.

Here is when the real learning began. I knew the basics of the product and the trade. But in the process of creating the business plan I had to start researching industry trends and governmental standards. With each and every day my knowledge of air purification grew. Rather than try to keep the information stored in my head I sought to find a way to catalog it. I have a bevy of internet bookmarks that describe important details. I should probably write a book about the subject. Instead I decided to add the information to our website.

This pool of knowledge not only improves our website, it has also improved our products. As I learn more about air purification I grow and improve the product line. Better fans, more media options and cleaner air for our customers are just some of the knowledge driven product improvements.

While the LakeAir website is an ecommerce platform, it serves a much greater function. It is a warehouse of information on clean air and air purification. I use it daily as a tool in estimating customer inquiries. The information pages are visited by individuals and companies trying to research particular topics related to their unique situation. As I learn more I try to add snippets of information to the website.

Your questions spur me to find new answers. How was I to know that coconut carbon has a larger porosity than bituminous carbon? I was not born with an insight that cattle need more clean air than people. It is for you, the visitors to our website, that we look for facts and provide them here to make you a better consumers and healthier individuals.

So, if you have a question, go ahead and ask. You can contact me by phone; you can talk directly to me on our chat line. My email is [email protected]. Whether you need to know about MERV or what a Class 4 cleanroom is, just ask. We don’t make things up, we find the answers and share it with you our visitors and friends.