Customer Instructions on How to Wire your LakeAir Product

All electrical connections should only be made only by individuals who are qualified to install electrical appliances with hard wiring design. 

Products Included:

The Following instructions apply to the these LakeAir products. 

  • LA2-RC2 & LA2-RC1
  • WM-RC2
  • CM2-Rc2
  • LAAS1600 & LAAS800

Potentiometer Basics

LakeAir Products use several different types of Blowers and Motors. The majority of our products use reverse curve blowers because this blower is adept at puling air through a filtering system. Many of our reverse curve blowers need to be connected to a potentiometer to operate.

Connections at the Product

Products with blowers that require potentiometers and are designed for speed control to be mounted at a wall switch have 6 wires available at the power junction box. Each of these wires must be connected for the unit to work properly. 

3 of these wires hook directly the the power source for the blower. These wires are color coded Black, White and Green.

  • Black wire is (LINE IN) main power – note: this wire passes through the potentiometer. In this way the potentiometer acts as an on/off switch.
  • White wire  (NEUTRAL) completes the electrical circuit
  • Green wire  (GROUND) provides a low-resistance connection to the earth.
The other 3 wires connect to the potentiometer itself. these wires complete the connection that control the speed and allow the blower to function. Without these three wires hooked up the blower will not operate.

In the image to the left the air purifier is connected to a 6 conductor cable  available with our wiring kit. You can wire the unit up with conventional wire. In many cases thermostat wire is used to connect the speed control wires to the potentiometer

Note that all 6 wires are connected

Remote Speed Control Wire Kit
Click Image for wiring kit product page

The unit shown in the images above are of a LAFC-RC2. The wiring is identical in all other units. All Models use the same junction box and cover. Note that 2 different sets of wires come from the unit. 3 connect to the power system in the blower, the other 3 connect to speed control. 

Connections at Wall Switch

Speed control should be setup with a gang box in the wall of the building. We suggest that the power for the air purifier be run into the gang box where the potentiometer is located.  In this way all the wires required for the operation are in the same place. This will make trouble shooting easier in the future should it ever be required. Be sure to follow local codes as to wire size and any other local restrictions.

Connecting building power to Potentiometer

The image to the right shows connections made with Waco Lever nuts. This is a UL Approved connector that makes it easy for the end user to maintain in case of repairs being needed. Waco nuts are not required.

NEVER connect power wires to the speed control wires coming from the unit. Doing so may damage the air purifier and voids all warranties.

After connecting the building power to the potentiometer and to the wires connected to the unit, you should connect the speed control wires (dark blue, yellow, and red) coming from the unit to the potentiometer.

After all wires have been connected turn on the power to air purifier and test functionality. If the air purification system does not start, check all wires. After you verify the air purification system is operational  you may tuck all wires in the switch box and attach the cover plate.

Attaching Cover Plate

Carefully tuck all wires into the switch box. There should be sufficient room for all wires and potentiometer assembly to fit in the switch box. 

The potentiometer should be attached to the mounting plate. align the potentiometer using the the key hole. The potentiometer is secured with a lock washer and nut.

With the potentiometer attached to the mounting plate,  out the screws through the face place and into the mounting hole on the switch box. se diagram to right for an illustration. 

Need More Help?

If you need more help please reach out to our customer service team. We are here to help you during extended hours. You can call us at 800-558-9438 most days from 7:00 AM to9:00 PM CST. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or reach us through the chat function in the bottom right of any web page.