Air Purifier Distributors and Wholesalers

Air Purifier Distributors Choice LakeAir Built to Last Products are easy to sell

Are you looking to add a great product line? We are seeking  new wholesale air purifier distributors. Manufacturer representatives and re-sellers are wanted. We offer full product line support. Our distributor discounts are generous. Representative commissions are above average, They are as high as 16%. We pay our reps promptly. Re-sellers enjoy low cost drop shipping.  LakeAir factory support makes selling our products a breeze.

The Product

LakeAir offers a full line of air purifiers. The product line includes HEPA, Media, Electrostatic UVC and Carbon filtration.  We have residential room air purifiers. They are designed for both small and Large rooms. The LakeAir LAD series is a high efficiency line of whole house air purifiers. The LAFC line is popular in professional locations. LakeAir produces a sturdy smoke eater for entertainment venues. We offer commercial and  industrial air purifiers. Our odor control units are very popular.

Air Purifier Distributors

Distributor pricing is based on volume of sales. RK Ventures Inc has a 3 tier pricing structure for  air purifier distributors. Your success is important to us.  We will fully support your sales efforts. The LakeAir supply chain will keep products on your shelves. A LakeAir air purifier distributors can choose to be a non stocking distributor. However, non stocking distributors have a slightly higher cost.  LakeAir’s 7 year warranty  makes our air purifiers easy to sell. The all steel construction adds great value to the product.  The average shipping time is  2 days. LakeAir can drop ship to all your customers.

Product Representatives

Product Reps are designated to solicit business on the behalf of RK Ventures Inc. They are assigned a specific territory. The brand to be sold is LakeAir Air purifying products. Territories will be granted based on Products Reps ability to cultivate sales in that area.  We distribute the Healthful Home line of products. RK Ventures Inc will employ product reps for that line.

 Air Purifier Re-sellers

LakeAir is seeking re-sellers. Air Purifier Re-sellers must qualify for credit terms and sign the re-sellers agreement. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Reseller.  Our current list of great re-sellers include PURE n Natural , MSC Direct  , McMaster-Carr and many more.

Internet Sales Companies

Most air purifiers  are sold over the internet.  In fact Over 70% of commerce is completed on the internet. We are seeking established internet sales companies to carry our product line. Resellers are not required to purchase from  manufacturers representatives.  Only Internet sales companies with a good reputation will be considered. If you are looking for a high quality American made product, then LakeAir might be a good partner for you.

White Label Opportunities

LakeAir Products are available for the white label market. Companies who seek a quality product to sell will find value in our products.  If your company is looking for an American made white label air purifier please contact us. Our air purifiers will enhance your product line. We will work closely with respected merchants to develop white label air purifier products for your brand.

Factory Wholesale Air Purifier

LakeAir Sells to onetime and repeat wholesale customers . We fill orders for local government agencies and  large companies.  We will promptly quote wholesale air purifiers for companies seeking American made products. Our quotes include proforma invoice, shipping options, lead times and payment arrangements. We have wholesale customers from all over the globe.  LakeAir can fulfill your needs for wholesale air purifiers.

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Cigar Shop Affiliate Program

The Cigar shop affiliate program is designed to let cigar shops sell LakeAir products directly from their brick n mortar shop or website. Cigar shop customers receive a discount and cigar shop owners receive a commission. For more information click the link below.


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