Air Purifier for Allergies

Air Purifier for Allergies

LakeAir sells many air purifier models that help relieve the symptoms of allergies.  In this article we will examine the cause of allergies. We will explore some of the common symptoms. Finally we will make some suggestions for relief from these bothersome symptoms.

The best air purifier for allergies in the home is the Maxum HEPA. The Maxum HEPA can clean the air in an entire 1100 square foot home.  This unit is variable speed to deliver the amount of clean air you need. It has a large carbon filter that removes odors and VOCs. The Maxum will rid your home of the things that make you miserable.

The largest volume air purifier for allergies in the home is the Max-700. The Max-700 delivers up to 750 CFM of allergen free air.  You can clean the air in a large ranch home (1400 square feet). The carbon filter removes odors from the air quickly and quietly. The washable filter will save you thousands of dollars in filter replacements over the long life of the MAX-700

Our Biggest HEPA Air Purifier for the Home

MAX Guard MERV 15 Media Smoke Eater

The MAX-Guard HEPA air purifier is a huge floor model home air purifier. It delivers 900 CFM of super clean air for your home. With 2 blowers and an oversized HEPA filter you can run this unit on low where the noise is non existent  and still deliver 100’s of CFM to relive allergy symptoms

What causes allergies?

Allergies are caused by any substance that our bodies to believe are a dangerous invader. Our immune system makes antibodies to attack the invaders. The antibodies cause us to cough, sneeze and feel miserable in general.  When talking about airborne allergens, we commonly think of pet dander, pollen, mold and dust mites. These symptoms are often referred to as hay fever. Allergies affect more than fifty million Americans.

What are allergy symptoms?

Allergies cause different symptoms in people. Common allergy symptoms include sneezing and an itchy nose. Some Airborne irritants may cause a rash or itchy skin. Coughing can be the sign that the air we are breathing contains a nuisance to our respiratory tract. Many times an allergen will affect the eyes.  If your eyes become red or watery it is possible you are being affected by an airborne irritant. Wheezing or shortness of breath are signs of a more severe allergic reaction.

Allergic symptoms have been associated with the lack of focus and concentration. They can lead to a lack in decision-making capabilities an impaired hand and eye coordination. Allergies can make us irritable, fatigued and cause us to miss work or school.

American Allergy Statistics

  1. McAllen Texas was ranked as the worst allergy location in United States for 2019.

  2. Because of global warming it is believed the pollen season has been extended 4 weeks.

  3. Allergies are the six leading cause of chronic illnesses

  4. It is estimated that allergy conditions result in 13.1 million Dr. and emergency room visits.

  5. Over 45,000,000 Americans suffer from allergies.  Because people’s immune systems are breaking down and because of residential building practices this number continues to rise annually.

  6. More than 15 billion Health Care dollars are dedicated to allergy treatment.

How can I protect my family?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Know what triggers your allergies. Keep your pets bathed. Stay indoors with the best air purifier for allergies running during pollen season. Are dust mites are your problem?  Wash your bedding often and use an air purifier in the bedroom.

Keep a diary to help you identify what your allergic to. Consult with your doctor to find medicines to help relieve your symptoms effectively. Check local weather resources to track levels of different pollens. Knowledge is your friend. The more you know about the air you breathe the better equipped you will be keep your family comfortable.

Pets are affected by Allergies too

Our pets are affected by impurities in the air. We have all seen our pets acting a bit weird. They drag their butts across the floor. They bite their paws. They scratch their ears. This might not be crazy behavior. Pets can be allergic to pollen, mold and a host of other particles suspended in the air. These particles fall on their fur and into their food. 

How can I treat the air?

LakeAir sells air purifiers that are great at relieving allergy symptoms. What is the best air purifier for allergies for you?


HEPA air filtration is a mechanical process. Air is drawn through a dense filter made of mostly synthetic fibres. 


  • 99.97% efficient on allergens
  •  disposable filter lasts about 6 months
  • cleans air better each cycle
  • no Ozone emissions
  • fewer air changes per hour
  • high filter replacement costs


Electrostatic air filtration removes allergens from the air by electromagnetic attraction in an aluminum cell.


  • 97% efficient on allergens
  • washable / reusable filters
  •  free flowing design allows more cleaning cycles
  • long fan life


  • small amount of ozone  emission
  • filter must be washed

Where do I use the air purifiers?

Whole House Air Purifiers

Protect you family from allergies. The best place for an air purifier is hooked up to the heating system. This configuration protects your entire house. As the air is drawn into the heating system it passes through a filter bank. Clean air is then distributed throughout the house using the heating systems blower. LakeAir manufacturers whole house air purifiers with both the media and electrostatic filters. 

Room Air Purifiers

A room air purifier can be placed in any room to help improve the indoor air quality. The MAX-Guard HEPA air purifier Can remove allergens from a space of over 1000 square feet. These units work great in family rooms, living rooms or any other large space in your home. For the bedroom and Maxum HEPA air purifier will provide clean air in most any size bedroom.  

Need More Information?

If your are looking for more information about home air purifiers in general we suggest you visit the “Home Air Purifier” web page. If you need help right away we invite you to call customer service (800) 558-9436. You can also reach customer service via email [email protected]