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Cannabis Odor Control

In recent years cannabis / marijuana / pot has grown in popularity and legality. Many states have legalized use, possession and cultivation of this crop. One of the biggest complaints of this trend is the odor produced by this medicinal plant.

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Science of Healthy and Odor Friendly Cannabis

Cannabis production offers a number of clean air challenges to its success. Not only do you need to control odor, you also need clean air for a profitable crop. What are some of these challenges? Let’s look at odor issue.

Cannabis Odor

There are 2 main sub species of Cannabis. both are known for having a strong odor. These smells can vary from fruity to earthy to down right skunk like. In all cases these odors are so pervasive that legal cannabis producers are being shut down because of a nuisance to the community. 

Odor Control Challenges

The level of odors can vary greatly in a room some areas might have as low as 1 ppb odorous components while other can reach as high as 200 ppb. Good air flow is important. We suggest no less than 8 ACH (air changes per hour) for cannabis grow rooms. 

Cannabis does well with a high level of relative humidity. High humidity poses a challenge for traditional odor control. Standard activated carbon absorbs the moisture quickly, making it less effective in a grow room. LakeAir uses a special blend of carbon and other ingredients  that successfully operate at higher levels of humidity.This blend is called canna-blend and is supplied by Hydrosil.

Added benefits of Canna-Blend

The Canna-blend is a blend of media to remove not just the odorous compounds from the air, but also the harmful pollutants that can damage the cannabis product. Pollutants/gases which are commonly found in grow houses include halogen compounds, aldehydes, ketones, various hydrocarbons, and several aromatic and odorous compounds. Canna-blend will protect your plants and reduce the smell that plagues many growing operations.

LakeAir Canna-Blend Products

LakeAir Canna-Blend products are available for most of our air purifiers. You can find the right filter for your LakeAir brand air purifier below.

LakeAir Maxum Canna-Blend

The Canna-Blend Filter for the Maxum air purifiers removes cannabis odors from room 25′ x 25′ Part # 499124

LakeAir LAFC Canna-Blend

The Canna-Blend Filter for the LAFC air purifiers removes cannabis odors from room 40′ x 35′ Part# 499139

LakeAir Canna-Blend for LA2000- OC / LA2-RC1 / LA2-RC2

Canna-Blend 3.0 Odor Control

Part# 499117 offers 4 pounds of Canna-Blend; It fits in LA2000-OC and LA-RC models.

6 Chamber Canna-Blend

Part# 499104 offers 6 pounds of Canna-Blend; It fits in LA2000-OC and LA-RC models

Odors and Enforcement

There is not much debate on whether pot stinks, The debate is on what can be legally done. Lawsuits have been filed by residents, they claim the proximity to cannabis  growing operations lowers the quality of life. 

The best rule of thumb is to be a good neighbor. Control your production odor. This goes for slaughter houses, breweries and any other business (including a pot farm) that creates a bad odor.

Looking For Help?

Providing proper air purification for cannabis usage can be a complex problem. Whether you have a small cannabis farm or you just want to enjoy it safely in your home, LakeAir can supply you with the products and know how to make your enjoyment of this great medicinal drug a reality. If you have questions please call our customer service number 800-554-9436. You can also reach us via email or use our convenient web site chat.  

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