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Your Reliable Weed Smoke Eater & Odor Eliminator - Designed to Mask Away Traces of Weed in the Air

Let LakeAir eliminate the smoke and odor from weed with our trusted and reliable home and portable air purifiers! We manufacture various weed smoke eaters for your business or home.

Check out our collection to find out what suits your needs best.

  • 300 – 900 CFM
  • 17 ACH 400 sq. ft.
  • 20 x 16 x 2.5 True HEPA Filter / 99.97% to 0.3 Micron
  • 2000 gram Cannablend Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Floor Unit on 4 heavy duty casters
  • $2295.00

  • 300 – 1500 CFM
  • 17 ACH 700 sq. ft.
  • 20 x 16 x 4.5  Washable Filter Cell / 97% to 0.1 Micron
  • 1000 gram Cannablend Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Floor Unit on 4 heavy duty casters
  • $2495.00

How Our Weed Smoke Eliminator Works

Our weed smoke eliminator uses True HEPA and activated carbon filters. These are the most effective filters to mask away the smell of weed, making them the best options for people who truly wish to get rid of the weed stench.

LakeAir’s smoke purifier for weed is an indoor appliance with the purpose of air filtration, pollution removal, and air quality improvement. We have purifiers available for both tiny and large spaces.

You may also rely on an air purifier to neutralize and remove marijuana smoke and its accompanying aromas from the air, provided you make the appropriate choice. This is why we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team of air purifier experts at LakeAir!

Our mission is to assist you in choosing the best air purification system for your room.

The Secret to Removing Weed Smoke & Odor

Hemp plants contain terpenes

Cannabis has at least 16 different terpenes associated with it, as listed by Health Europa. These terpenes are a significant part of what makes pot smoke so difficult to control. Terpenes are classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In the state of Colorado, Cannabis cultivation is thought to produce as much as 3.5% of the total VOCs, according to a report from Science Today. The State has noted that absorption media does a great job at removing dangerous VOCs from the air.

This complex plant warrants an intricate product to control and eliminate the gasses and odors emitted from the plant. These gasses are produced by both growing and smoking the plant. So whether you grow, smoke, or both a good filter media makes sense.

The most important ingredient to the secret recipe of removing pot smell is a media that has the ability to absorb complex gasses. Activated Carbon does a fair job on its own, but another compound can be added to the media to make it more effective.  The second part of the secret is long time exposure to the absorption media. 

Cannablend Filters at LakeAir - Made from Activated Carbon and Zeolite

Cannablend, LakeAir’s product of choice for weed smoke odor removal has the complex nature required to be effective. LakeAir’s powerful smoke purifiers for weed provide a sufficient number of air changes per hour (ACH) to be effective.

The combination of proper absorbing media and sufficient airflow is the secret formula you need to keep your home free from weed smoke and odor. These powerful air purifiers will work well on all smoke-associated odors. It’s not only weed smoke to be concerned with but also cigar smoke and smoke caused by the recent rash of wildfires.

At LakeAir, we are focused on providing our customers with only the best and most powerful weed smoke eliminators like Cannablend. Our Maxum, LAFC, and LA2 units are designed to eliminate the smoke caused by smoking, cooking, and even wildfires.

Why Cannablend?

Cannablend is a special media blend sold to LakeAir by Hydrosil International LTD. They are one of the foremost companies providing filtration media for remediation, water, and air filtration.

Cannablend is made from activated carbon and zeolite. The latter is a naturally occurring crystalline compound with over 40 different varieties. It is also commercially produced on a large scale for filtration purposes.

Recently zeolite has been reported to work well as a soil additive, it improves water conservation and nutrient retention.  Just as it cleans the air, zeolite can improve the ground enhancing the harvest of many plants including hemp. 

Hydrosil impregnates zeolite with potassium permanganate which is especially good at absorbing acetic gasses, aldehydes, and amines. Adding this cleansing to zeolite creates a super absorption media, called Cannablend.

Because cannabis’s structure is made up of many amino acids, when it is burned or smoked, it releases acetic gasses. The amino acids from the terpenes turn into a gaseous form. Luckily these long chain gasses are readily absorbed by the specially impregnated zeolite. 

Cannablend is excellent in helping a marijuana crop grow as well as protecting us against smoke and odors.

How Much Airflow?

Gasses are very small particles. They can slip by both zeolite and activated carbon. Every time they pass through the odor control media there is a chance they will be absorbed. The longer they are in the media bed the greater the chance of their removal from the air stream. 

As a rule of thumb, our team at LakeAir suggests eight to 12 ACHs to remove odor gasses from the air. Some gasses are more easily removed. The acetic gasses from weeds are not in this category, it takes far much longer to remove them from the air. Therefore, it is important to increase the time these odorous gasses are in contact with your filtering Media.   

There is a handy air flow calculator on our website. If you would like to calculate the number of cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow that is required to achieve eight air changes per hour in room size.

Zeolite Absorption Graphic

What's the Right Home Weed Smoke Eater Model for Me?

At LakeAir, we offer five residential 420 models. Each one is geared for different environments. For the casual toker, the Maxum-420 is a great machine. One or two people in a smaller closed room can enjoy hot boxing without creating a nuisance for the rest of the house.

This is our lowest-cost air purifier for weed smoke, but it is still a commercial unit built to give you years of service.

The Ultimate Cannabis smoke and odor removal system is the MAX-Guard-HEPA420. This unit has the ultra 4.5 Cannablend filter. It contains over 2750 grams (6 pounds +) of pot odor absorber. The unit offers 900 CFM of circulation second only to the MAX-Guard-S420. 

The MAX-Guard-S420 is the king of air circulation. 1500 CFM of power will do an awesome job of eliminating pot smoke from a room. A larger room is well served with this unit. The 1000-gram 2 chamber filter is one of the largest odor absorbing filters we offer. 

The MAX-700-420 is the next step down. The 650 CFM air flow is sufficient for most rooms. This unit includes a 300 gram Cannablend filter. If you need more odor removal turn to the Maxum-HEPA-420.

Maxum HEPA-420 is the marijuana odor-eliminating giant. It utilizes a thinner 2.6-inch HEPA filter. It has all the efficiency of any LakeAir HEPA filter, but it is thinner and therefore has a shorter replacement cycle. Heavy smokers should plan on replacing this $180.00 HEPA filter every six to 9 months.

The room that is saved by the slimline is dedicated to more Cannablend. Three times more Cannablend is packed into the Maxum Cannablend 2.5 filter. The 900 grams of weed odor absorber will help keep your hobby on the down low.

If you like to get baked but don’t want anyone to know you are cooking, LakeAir’s Maxum HEPA-420 is your marijuana air purifier of choice!

Be Responsible at Home

The risks associated with 2nd hand tobacco smoke have been well documented. 2nd hand Marijuana smoke contains many of the same dangerous, potentially cancer-causing chemicals found when burning tobacco. Some of these toxins are found in larger amounts.

What makes weed smoke more concerning is the effects of 2nd hand tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Infants and children are feared for more negative health effects, especially on the executive function of the brain.

Be careful to not smoke in the presence of children. To be sure the 2nd hand pot smoke is being controlled, use LakeAir’s air purifier for weed smoke.

Commercial & Public Cannabars

Commercial locations dedicated to providing a safe and legal place to enjoy pot are known as Cannabars. These establishments are popping up across the United States. From San Francisco’s Moe Greens to Virginia Beaches’ Queens Green Apothecary. 

Cannabis Entrepreneurs are opening new establishments most everywhere cannabis has become legal. The University of Colorado Boulder is offering a course designed especially for those interested in making a living through dispensaries and cannabars and the Cannabis Entrepreneurship Academy started in June 2021.

There are a myriad of things you need to do before you can open a cannabar or dispensary, these include licensing, security, financing, and location. As of August 2021, only six states such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Michigan allow onsite consumption in licensed cannabis consumption businesses.

All of these states allow local communities to add further conditions to on-premise smoking. However, many of these local codes for strict air purification have requested calls for the removal of smoke and odor. 

LakeAir Commercial Cannabis (Weed) Smoke Eaters for Cannabars

LakeAir Commercial 420 Line

The LakeAir Commercial 420 line features heavy duty construction. All Steel is the backbone of the 420 line. 14 gauge frames surrounded by 18 gauge powder coated and vinyl clad steel make for a commercial product built to last. We don’t scrimp on materials, and we don’t build  them cheap. Our Designs are built around product efficiency and easy to service standards. Drop down panels and easy opening doors allow you to quickly maintain the filters of the 420 line. A high level of quality is what you expect and get out of a LakeAir brand wee smoke eater.

LAFC-RC2 420

The LakeAir Commercial 420 line features heavy-duty construction. All Steel is the backbone of the 420 lines. There are 14 gauge frames surrounded by 18 gauge powder coated and vinyl-clad steel making for a commercial product built to last.

We don’t scrimp on materials, and we don’t build them cheaply. Our designs are built around product efficiency and easy-to-service standards. Drop-down panels and easy-opening doors allow you to quickly maintain the filters of the 420 line.

Only a high level of quality is what you’ll get out of a LakeAir weed smoke eliminator!


The LAFC-420 products feature 1000 gram Cannablend filters. Expect three months of odor protection in the average establishment. The heavier the smoking, the more frequent filter changes will be required.

The LAFC-RC2-420 provides up to 1500 CFM of smoke and odor air purifiers. This requires 11 inches of headroom above the drop ceiling. It can also be hung from the ceiling by chains or cables. For a more dressed-up look, ask about LakeAir’s custom vinyl skirting.  

The LAFC-RC2-HEPA-420 has the 1000-gram zeolite/carbon blend just like the electrostatic model. Due to higher filter backpressure, it moves 900 CFM of purified air. Like its electrostatic twin, the smoke purifier for weed requires 11 inches of headroom. Both models can also be secured directly to the ceiling with mounting brackets. 


LA2000-420 has a radial fan design and it allows for 1200 CFM of airflow. The unit comes standard as a 2-speed system. You can order this model wire for variable speed control if you wish. At 105 pounds, LA200-420 is easily hung from almost any ceiling.


LA2-RC2-420 implements True HEPA weed smoke eater filtration. It removes more smoke in a single pass and also slows the airflow considerably compared to an electrostatic model. The slower air speed affords a longer residency time in which the time gases are in contact with filtration media—providing better odor control for each cycle.

The LA2-RC2-420 mounts easily to a cart as do all LA2 models. Cart mounting allows for quick movement to areas where extra air filtration is needed.

LA2-RC2-420 VOC Extractor

The LA2-RC2-420 VOC Extractor is made specifically for capturing cannabis odors. This unit brings 6000 grams of Cannablend to the game. Most often this odor eliminator is used in grow room to control the odor of the blossoming marijuana crop.

The filtration provided does a phenomenal job at removing terpenes from the air but offers no smoke control.

Cannablend Replacement Filters

The 420 line leans heavily on the special Cannablend filters made for this great selection of pot smoke eaters. These weed odor-eliminating filters are made in the USA. We keep them in stock for quick delivery.

On average, LakeAir Cannablend filters are delivered in one to three days. Many odor-eliminating air filters are sold as huge filter beds. These offer larger amounts of carbon, and sometimes even zeolite. However, these filters do not expose the air to as much pot-absorbing media.

As the air passes over the bed, our filters force the air to come into more direct contact. LakeAir filters don’t last as long, but they absorb far more odor. When carbon and zeolite have absorbed all the gasses they can they need to be replaced.

Do you want to remove just a little odor over a long time or get the job done now? A well-designed weed smoke eater from LakeAir’s collection will remove as much marijuana odor as possible!

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