Air Purifiers Made in the USA

LakeAir Air Purifiers and Replacement Filters are really made in the USA. Many of our competitors and other companies in our industry claim that their products are made in the USA. However on closer examination we find many of their parts are made abroad brought here and assembled into their air purifiers and smoke eaters. There are  very specific standards that must be met before a  company can legally claim a product is made in the USA. Far to often these guide lines are ignored.

Why Our Customers want Air Purifiers Made in the USA

Many of the reasons people give us reasons as to why made in the USA is so important to them. A good deal of the sentiment is good old patriotism. Many visitors go on to tell us its about other issues as well.

  1. Higher Quality: Patriotism will lead someone to believe products made in their own country will be better. The truth is American workers tend to produce some of the highest quality products in the world. The Craftsmen and women at LakeAir  fall right into step here. You can and should expect a better quality product from us.
  2. No Off-gassing: probably the largest concern we here is “are your filters made in the USA”? Apparently foreign made air filters are infamous for releasing terrible odors as they release gasses trapped in them from their manufacturing process.  
  3. Local Customer Service: When you have a question about your product you want to be able to speak with someone who truly knows the product. You want someone who you can clearly understand. Our Customer service reps are employees of the company who have had a hand in manufacturing the LakeAir Air Purifiers.
  4. Parts Availability: If something on your air purifiers breaks, you want to be able to replace that part now. So many times foreign made products will be run for a year or two and after that there is NO parts availability.

What does it mean to be Made in the USA

The US Federal Trade Commission states “For a product to be called Made in USA,  the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. There are over 40 pages of documentation that go through other factors. Such as the percentage of cost of the foreign parts. This article will not go into depth on all of these factors. But suffice it to say the processes and costs of making any product must be of domestic origin. Our American made air purifiers meet all criteria to be considered Made in the USA.

Air Cleaners made in the USA by our Veterans

We are proud to report that the bulk of our workforce are American veterans. We have had employees from all branches of the military service work in our plant. These fine men and women dedicated a part of their lives protecting our country. They continue to serve our country by building quality products in the country they love so much.

LakeAir Manufacturing Process is "Made in the USA"

Let’s take a quick look at the LakeAir Manufacturing Process.

  • Design
    • LakeAir Products are designed in our offices in Racine WI. No foreign designs are used
  • Raw Materials
    • All our steel, aluminum and GPO3 are locally sourced
  • Sheet Good processing
    • We cut all sheet goods on our laser or shear
    • All parts are cut or punched on our laser and punch presses
    • All parts are formed on our break presses
    • All parts are welded or rivetted by skilled craftsmen in our plant
  • Powder Coating
    • All metal parts are powder coated on site
  • Assembly
    • All assembly processes are performed by craftsmen in our Racine plant

Non Manufactured Parts Procurement

There certainly are parts that cannot be made in our plant. We don’t wind motors, produce fan blades or make transformers. Our thin pre filters and carbon filters are made in Verona Wisconsin. Our HEPA filters are made in Ohio. We do all we can to find the best parts, Made in the USA. If we cannot find a part in the USA, we look to our allies. Some of the best blowers are made abroad. We import blowers for a few of our units from French and German manufactures. In our most recent purchasing audit we established that less than 10% (using cost analysis) of our parts came from non domestic sources. Our customers have made it clear to us they do not want parts from China in products they buy. For this reason we avoid purchasing parts made in the Peoples Republic of China.

Air Purifier Replacement Parts are made in the United States

Replacement parts are an important product value. Having them made locally, stored locally and readily available is so very important. You won’t find LakeAir knock off parts and filters being manufactured in foreign countries. There maybe be more profit in having replacement parts made abroad, but we want to provide a truly American made product and experience. 

Shop LakeAir With Confidence

Manufacturers are not obligated by law to disclose what percent of their products are truly made in the USA. We bring this information to you the consumer so you can buy our products and be confident your purchases were made right here in America.

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