Air Purifier with Washable Filter

Air filtration is more important to people today than it has ever been. Saving money on your household purchases remains just as important. It’s no wonder we see so many people looking for an air purifier with  washable filter. LakeAir manufactures several air purifiers that have a washable filter.

What is a Washable Air Filter

There are a number of different types of washable air filters constructed of different materials. They are usually synthetic or metallic. A common theme is an electrostatic charge. Some filters are made with an electrostatic charge and others are given the charge by the air purifier. Those made with an electrostatic charge like Filtrete last about 3 months. LakeAir Electrostatic filters are designed and constructed to last well over 10 years.

Is it Washable or Disposable?

Air Filters that are made with an electrostatic charge are disposable. They last up to 6 months, then you throw them into the landfill. These filter types may have a better efficiency when you buy them but much of their efficiency gets lost when washed.  Electrostatic Precipitators like the ones used in our products can be washed hundreds of times and work as good as new after washing. If you are buying a washable filter that needs no electrical current, you are probably going to throw it away within 6 months.

The answer is NO. Washable filters do not remove odors. Odors are removed from the air by carbon filters that absorb the smells. Carbon filters cannot be washed. When the carbon has removed all the odors it can hold, you should throw it away and replace it. Washing a carbon filter only gets it wet, and does not help it remove more odors from your home or business.

What should I look for in an Air Purifier with Washable Filter

When choosing an air purifier / cleaner with a washable filter you should look for 3 things: Is it safe, Does it really work, and will it last? We will cover these items as this article continues. Some other things to consider are: Is it made in the USA, Is it recyclable, is it easy to wash, will this air purifier last me more than 7 years etc.? All of these questions are important, your purchase matters. Whether for your home or business  the air purifier needs to do the job you bought it for.

Are LakeAir Electrostatic Air Purifier's Safe?

Two major topics come to mind with electrostatic safety. Does it produce too much ozone and is there a chance to get a shock? LakeAir electrostatic products are designed to produce very low levels of ozone. This is achieved with low voltage and tight tolerances. Each LakeAir air purifier with washable filter has two or more safety mechanisms that insure no child or pet can receive an electrical shock while being operated.

Safety strap for LakeAir Electrostatic Air Filter
The grounding strap prevents accidental shocks

Do LakeAir Electrostatic Air Purifiers really work?

The electrostatic cells used in our products have been tested to be 97% efficient on particles sizes as small as 0.1 microns. The electrostatic cells offer more air changes per hour compared to media or HEPA filters with the same size fan. Therefore, they offer better filtration than media units and equal filtration to a HEPA. Remember this applies to LakeAir Electrostatic cells, not to washable filters with an electrostatic charge. 

A filthy washable air filter
This LakeAir washable filter is long overdue for washing

Examples of LakeAir Air Purifiers with Washable Filter

Many LakeAir  products feature washable air filters. Here are a few examples of models you might be interested in when looking an air purifier with a filter that is effective and washable.

  • For the Living Room                     Maxum electrostatic air purifier
  • For large Areas at Home              MAX-700 750 CFM washable air filter
  • For Large Areas at Work               LA2000 Dual Cell Electrostatic Air Purifier
  • Flush to the Ceiling                        LAFC-RC2-S Flush to Ceiling air purifier

We manufacture many different Air Purifier models that use washable filter cells. Please call our customer service specialist at 800-558-9436 or click here to fill out a form and one of our customer service specialists will get in touch with you.