Smoke Eater Project Cost Estimator

Smoke Eater Project Cost Estimator

 Helping our customers plan their clean air projects is very important. This page will help you get a better grasp on how many smoke eaters and much money you should budget for your Clean Air Project. If you don’t understand how the cost estimator works give us a call or ask for help in the website chat.

This tool will work for everything from homes to factories. We can service a 10’x 10′ smoking room to a 25,000 sq foot industrial space. We help keep the air clean in the smallest man cave to some of the largest casinos.

 When you are ready to order or need help making it work in your head,  please call us to Help with your Clean Air Project (800-558-9436). We can help you with unit selection, extra options, special discounts and a host of other topics.

How the Calculator Works

As you enter information the results fill in automatically:

  1. Enter the room dimensions (All 3) and a smoking activity. The smoking activity choices are linked to a number of ACH (air changes per hour). Being this page is about Smoke Eaters, smoking activities and the suggested and the corresponding ACH are listed.  When these 4 items are entered the number of CFM required is displayed. Change room size or activities and you will see the the display change automatically.
  3. To help figure your estimated costs, choose a LakeAir Smoke Eater model. The model MSRP is included in the choice. There is a lot to consider when planning your project. Our goal is to put you in control. Look at the models and see what fits your budget and needs. Remember, we are here to help, you can ask for help in chat, via email or on the phone. Make your clean air project your own. There are other models available, this tool includes our most popular models.

Have Your Form Emailed toYou

Give your project a name and add your email. Hit submit and the information and calculations will be emailed to you right away. If you would like us to send you a screen shot of your form,  fill out the information on the “Thank You Page”.

Additional Information

Price Usually Includes

  • Shipping is included on most Unit Purchases
  • All Filters are Included

Additional Cost

  • LAAS Units Require Additional Ductwork
  • LAFC Models Have to be hard wired
  • Sales Tax is due on Units sold inside the State of Wisconsin

LA Series

  • 1200 – 2000 CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $1400-$2495
  • 22 inch Cube
  • Ceiling Hung & Wall Mount


LakeAir Smoke Eater
  • 500 – 1500 CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $1695-$2495
  • 24 x 48 x 11
  • Flush to Ceiling & Ceiling Grid


  • 290 – 750  CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $650-$995
  • 13 x 17 x 13
  • Table Top or Floor


WM-RC2-S Flush wall Mounted Smoke Eater
  • 900 – 1500CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $2100-$2495
  • 22 x 36 x 11
  • Flush Mounted in the Wall


1500 CFM Portable Smoke Eater
  • 900 – 1500  CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $2100-$2495
  • 26 x 22 x 14
  • Portable Floor


CM2-RC2 Compact Ceiling Smoke Eater
  • 500 – 850  CFM
  • All Filter Types
  • $1550-$1795
  • 24 x 24 x 13
  • Drop Ceiling / Ceiling Hung