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Commercial Air Purifiers

Commercial Air Purifiers Made in the USA ~ Made to Last

LakeAir Brand Commercial Air Purifiers get the job done. Whether you have a dusty warehouse or a smoky bar, our products get rid of indoor pollution. Our HEPA filters remove the smallest particles from the air. They even remove nano-particles (COVID size). Our electrostatic filters remove the dust, smoke, and all other common types of indoor air pollution. The carbon filters remove odors, gases, and VOCs. The UVGI filters deactivate the DNA of microbials that cause diseases. Our industry-leading 7-year warranty ensures you our products will pay for themselves with long service life. To see all the filtration types check out our Filter Selection Guide

Commercial Ultra Violet Air Sanitization

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LA2 Custom Commercial Configurations

Versatile Products with many uses

The LA2-RC2  and LA2-RC1 line have a modular design. These units are configurable in 18 different filter options. No matter what your commercial application is LakeAir will have the commercial air purifier for your needs. There are 5 main filter categories. These filters can be installed into 1 of 2 filter slots.  True HEPA with Superior Odor control is one resulting option. A powerful VOC Extractor can be achieved with odor control filters in slot #1 and #2. Spec your own air sanitizer with both true HEPA and Ultra Violet filtration. Companies like Blue Origin use this versatile system in their manufacturing processes. For more information on the filter choices available for the LA2 line see this informative page 

Filter Options

  • High Capacity MERV 14 Media
  • Electrostatic Precipitator 97% to 0.1 Micron
  • True Commercial HEPA 99.97% to 0.3 Micron
  • Activated Carbon VOC Extraction
  • UVGI (ultra violet germicidal irradiation)
LakeAir Offers 6 different filter types

 Do you need more filtration in one place? The LA2 units can be stacked to create large air purifiers for any size space. These innovative modular designs make the LakeAir brand the right choice for your air purification system. Please give us a call for information on the right  LA2 system for your unique commercial application.

Real Commercial Air Purifiers

Most commercial air cleaners advertised are nothing more than oversized home air purifiers. They boast things like 400 CFM and 5 types of filtration. These are OK if you are cleaning the air in the club house lounge. They work great in an oversized living room. Real commercial environments need a real commercial air purification. Don’t be fooled by ozone generators they are not commercial air cleaners.

LakeAir commercial products are designed to be used where America does business. If you have a shop where you fix cars or  fabricate steel, use LakeAir. Manufacturing processes cause indoor air pollution. Clear the smoke and dust with a machine that is made to clean really dirty air. Dry cleaners and printers emit fumes and VOCs that need to be treated with large amounts of activated carbon. Real commercial locations require you to use real commercial air purifiers. 

LakeAir Attributes


Our Commercial Air filtration systems were designed when products were supposed to last more than a decade. Since 1968 the all-steel construction has provided the base for our product durability. We use high-quality materials. American steel and aluminum take the place of plastic used in other brands. Our products are easy to use. Modern accessories like remote controls and particle sensors have short lives. These accessories can be added without compromising the longevity of the Air Purifier.

One LakeAir commercial unit can purify the air in a room up to 50 feet x 50 feet. They can be mounted from the ceiling, to the wall or on a cart.  LAFC units mount in a 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid, hanging from or mounted directly to the ceiling.  You can deploy LakeAir products alone or in groups. Together they can handle almost any size room. LakeAir has the clean air solution for your business. No matter where you need it, LakeAir provides great indoor air quality.

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