Wiring Diagrams

LakeAir Product Wiring Diagrams

Although LakeAir products are easy to install, it is advisable to have a licensed electrician perform this function. This article is provided to provide information that maybe lost during the unpacking of your product. 

LAFC-RC2 Remote Switch Wiring

Standard LAFC-RC2 Remote Switch Wiring

The LAFC-RC2 must be wired with a potentiometer. The unit will not function properly without the proper potentiometer. If you have lost the potentiometer call our customer service team at 800-558-9436 and order a new one, part# 371922. You can also call the customer service number for technical and trouble shooting issues.

LA2 / LA2000 / LA1400 Remote Switch Wiring

LA2 Remote Switch Wiring

The variable speed control switch supplied for remote wiring has 4 wires and one factory set adjustment. The switch should be mounted into a gang box that is at least 2 inches deep. The Black wire should be connected to the line in. The Green should be connected to ground. The Blue connects to the Black wire in the junction box on the air purifier. The Red Connects to the Red wire in the junction box on the air purifier. One Speed Control can safely operate up to (2) Air Purifiers. The minimum speed setting is set at the factory and should not be turned lower. Too low of a speed setting will cause the air purifier motor to fail and will void the warranty. Access to the minimum speed set has been covered with glue.

For More Information:

For more information on wiring and wire diagrams please call our customer service team at 800-558-9436.