What Filter do I Need?

LakeAir Offers 6 different filter types

Why a filter selection guide? There are so many different indoor air quality situations. While most manufactures try to sell you a “one size fits all” system, LakeAir tries to help you find the system that works best for you. We are the professionals on air quality, it is our job to make clean air easy and affordable for you.

It would be easy to sell the most profitable air purification system. That is what most companies try to do. They try to sell you what makes them the most money. They don’t talk about options. They may say good, better and best but do they educate you on what you need?  Most likely not. Let’s take a look at the filters we have and which will work best for you. We can also special order filters for you. If there is some crazy need you have we can likely get you a custom filter at a slightly above average cost.


Filter Selection Video ~ See all LakeAir Filters Explained

Filter Basics Revisited

LakeAir carries 4 basic filter groups. We expect to add a 5th later this year. The 4 groups are as follows; Media, HEPA, Electrostatic and Carbon. Within each group there are different sizes and or grades of filtration media. 

There are several good article on the website that talk about the strengths and weaknesses of different filter types. This article will try to act as a consolidation of other articles

LakeAir Media filters come in different sizes and efficiencies. Media filters are general duty filters. They capture a good amount of junk from the air. They allow a decent air flow so they are not to hard on blower motors. One new and very popular media filter is the High Capacity MERV 14 filter. This filter has a high dust load capacity. Meaning it can hold a lot of dirt before you need to replace it. The table below will catalog some general media filter information. You can look here for more information on MERV Ratings

FilterPart #MERVLakeAir ModelUse
Pre-Filter Screen490051MERV 2LA1400, LA2000, LA2-RC1, LA2-RC2, LAAS 800 LAAS1600Large Debris
 490128MERV 2LAFCLarge Debris
 490092MERV 2LAD 1814Large Debris
 490093MERV 2LAD 2214Large Debris
MERV 10 Box Filter499011MERV 10M1-1814Whole House
 499014MERV 10M1-2214Whole House
Merv 11 Box Filter499018MERV 11Excelgeneral dust and allergens
 499085MERV 11Maxumgeneral dust and allergens
 499043MERV 11LA1400, LAFC. M18 , M22general dust and allergens
 499044MERV 11LAD 2214general dust and allergens
High Capcity Merv 14499047MERV 14LA1400, LA2000, LA2-RC1, LA2-RC2, LAAS 800 LAAS1600High Volume Dust and fibres and other indoor pollutants 

The High Capacity Merv 14 filters can be used in any of models listed for that filter type. These filters are high quality, they last a long time and are over 50% cheaper than a HEPA filter. If you are not sure if this is the filter for you please give us a call at 800-558-9436 or request help on our website chat. The Chat Icon is located in the bottom right hand side of you web page.

LakeAir HEPA Filters can be used in several models. Because of their density a special blower is needed to allow these filters to work efficiently. The question that is asked again and again is do I need a HEPA filter. HEPA filters have their pros and cons. We have a detailed article; HEPA vs Electrostatic in this article we try to help you choose which is better for you. HEPA cleans the best in one pass and costs the most to maintain. If you have chosen HEPA the Table below tells you what HEPA filters are available for different models.


FilterPart #EfficiencyLakeAir ModelUse
Maxum True HEPA49908499.97%MaxumSuperior Filtration for home or ofice use
4 Inch True HEPA49908199.97%LAFC,LA2-RC2, LA2-RC1 LAAS 800, LAAS1600Superior filtration: Removes all polutants including all smoke
6 inch True HEPA49908299.97%LA2-RC2, LA2-RC1, LAAS 800, LAAS1600Superior filtration. Robust Commercial HEPA Filter

4 inch HEPA or 6 inch HEPA

In most cases the 6 inch HEPA is the filter of choice. The main reason to use the 4 inch HEPA is in filter configurations where there is not sufficient room to use a 6 inch filter. One example would be a double HEPA configuration. In this case we use a 6 inch and a 4 inch HEPA. If you are unsure which is the right HEPA filter please give us a call at 800-558-9436 or ask on our website support chat line.

Every LakeAir air purifier includes a carbon filter. Carbon filters are the only way to get rid of odors and VOCs. Trying to find the right carbon filter isn’t always an easy task. We have recently started adding custom blended carbon filters,While Carbon is the best over all at absorbing odors, it can be helpful to add agents to provide even better results. The table below lists LakeAir’s growing list of carbon filters.

FilterPart #MediaLakeAir ModelUse
Standard Carbon Filters499027Carbon Foam MediaExcelGeneral Odor Removal
 499005Carbon Foam MediaMaxumGeneral Odor Removal
 499090Carbon Foam MediaLAD 1814General Odor Removal
 499073Carbon Foam MediaLAD 2214General Odor Removal
 499072Carbon Foam MediaLAFC, LA1400, LA2000General Odor Removal
Super Carbon Granulated Filter4990243/4″ Honeycomb Granulated CarbonMaxumHeavy Odors and Smoke
 4990393/4″ Honeycomb Granulated CarbonLAFCHeavy Odors and Smoke
Ultra Carbon Granulated Filter4990383 inch, 4 chamber granulated CarbonLAFCHeavy Odors and VOCs / Long  Life
 4990254.5 inch, 6 chamber granulated CarbonLA2000-OC, LA2-RC1 , LA2-RC2, LAAS-800, LAAS1600Heavy Odors and VOCs / Long  Life
Canna-Blend ~ Custom Media for Cannabis4991243/4 inch Honeycomb granulated Canna Blend FilterMaxumCannabis grow rooms and smoking
 4991393/4 inch Honeycomb granulated Canna Blend FilterLAFCCannabis grow rooms and smoking
 4991173 inch 4 Chamber Honeycomb granulated Canna Blend FilterLAFCCannabis grow rooms and smoking / 4 x filtration and life
 4991044.5 inch  Chamber Honeycomb granulated Canna Blend FilterLA1400, LA2000, LA2-RC1, LA2-RC2, LAAS 800, LAAS1600Cannabis grow rooms and smoking / 6 x filtration and life

More Carbon Specialization

  • Cannabis
  • tetrachloroethylene
  • many other VOCs

We work with several carbon suppliers to provide a wide array of special carbon blends for your particular needs. If you have a special need please reach out to us and we will find the best VOC adsorbent.  Most times these special blends are no more expensive than a regular carbon granule filter. 

LakeAir Electrostatic Filters

LakeAir was built on the Electrostatic Filter. It is our specialty. Our filter cells are constructed of high quality material. The work extremely well and last a very long time. We have cells that have been in service long over 30 years. Our electrostatic filters will not let you down. They are easy to maintain and very dependable. One important note, “If you do not clean your cells regularly they will not do their job”. Be aware the trade off for not having to replace is having to clean! Every LakeAir Model is available in electrostatic.

FilterLakeAir ModelNumber of CellsUse
Electrostatic Precipitator Cell – made of high quality materials ~ Super Long LastingExcel197% efficient on all pollution particles to 0.01 micron. This filter is especially well suited to remove smoke with a low cost of maintenance.
 LA2-RC1, LA2-RC2, LAAS 800, LAAS 16001 or 2
LAD1814  / Whole House1whole House
LAD 2214 . Whole House1whole House

LakeAir UVGI Filters

UVGI filters have become a very important part of filter technology today. These filters emit a special type of light form. This light is invisible to the human eye. It can be measures by special equipment. It is known as UV-C. UV-C light is  found in the spectrum of 200 to 280 nanometers. The most effective in killing germs and viruses is in the 260 to 265 nm range.  

These filters are safe so long as they are shielded to prevent direct exposure to the skin or eyes. They do not  emit ozone, in fact the 253.7 nm  light wave destroys ozone. 

LakeAir UVGI filters fill a roll in protecting our surroundings from dangerous microbial invaders.