LAAS-800 Air Scrubber


The LAAS -800 Air Scrubber is a multi filtration negative air machine. You can choose 5 different filtration combinations to perform the task you need done. Choose from High Capacity Media, Electrostatic, HEPA, Odor Control and Ultraviolet filtration. This unit will provide 800 or more CFM of air purification.

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Commercial Air Scrubber.

LAAS-800 series air scrubber is designed with versatility in mind. The intake has a heavy duty screen and is followed by a MERV 2 pre-filter. After that you can mix and match the filter types to achieve the level and type of filtration you desire.

Each filter slides easily in and out for inspection or replacement. Ask us for recommendations to suit the needs for your unique application.

Filter Options

High Capacity Media

High Capacity MERV 14 Media provides a large volume of dust capacity. This 4 inch filter has over 60 square feet of synthetic dirt grabbing fibers. It is 75% efficient on particles 0.3 -1.0 microns, 85% efficient on particles 1-3 microns and 95% efficient on particle larger than 3 microns


Electrostatic Filtration provides over 5000 square inches if particle collection. It is 97% efficient on particles as small as 0.1 microns. The filter cell is washable and reusable. It makes both a great primary and secondary filter.


HEPA Filtration provides the most effective air cleaning method. It is 99.97% efficient on particle to 0.3 microns. This is True HEPA Technology and will rid the air of the stuff you want gone. Media filtration i slot 1 and HEPA in slot 2 is the traditional air scrubber filter alignment.

Odor Control Media

Activated Carbon Odor Control will remove odors and VOCs from the air. This is 6 chamber, 10 pound activated carbon filter made from virgin coconut shell carbon. This filter should always be placed in the second filter slot.

LAAS Air Scrubber Options.

Intake and Exhuast Options

The air scrubber intake or exhaust can be either grille or 12″ duct adapter. Either grille or duct adapter are available at no extra charge. If you would like another size duct adapter it can be ordered by email or phone. The sizes available are round 8 to 13 inches. Rectangular duct adapters are available from 6 x 6 to 13 x 14 inches. The cost of each custom duct adapter is $75.00

Power Cord ,Cart and Flexible Duct

The LAAS-800 has 2 options for power cords. The unit comes with a standard 10 foot cord but you can opt for a 25′ cord for an additional $13.00.  We offer 25′ flexible duct that will attach to the duct adapters. The price of each flexible duct is $115.00. This Unit has a base with rollers and a tabletop that attach to the unit. Each of these pieces cost $85.00.

Please call 800-558-9436 to add any of these options to your air scrubber.

Additional information

Filter Slot 1

High Capacity Media, Electrostatic, HEPA, OC (odor control)

Filter Slot 2

High Capacity Media, Electrostatic, HEPA, OC (odor control)


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