Home Air Purifier

Home Air Purifier

LakeAir Manufactures High Quality Air Purifiers for the home. They protect your family from viruses, smoke, dust, pollen, mold, VOCs and just about any kind of indoor air pollution.

Area Air Purifiers for your Home

  • MAX-Guard-S Electrostatic
  • 1500 CFM (8 Air Changes / 1400 sq. ft.)
  • Variable Speed (43 – 68 dB(A))
  • Washable / Carbon
  • 97% efficiency to 0.1 Micron
  • $2495.00
  • MAX-Guard HEPA
  • 900 CFM (7 Air Changes / 1000 sq. ft.)
  • Variable Speed (43 – 68 dB(A))
  • True HEPA  / Carbon
  • 99.7% efficiency to 0.3 Micron
  • $2295.00
  • MAX-Guard-M15
  • 1100 CFM (8 Air Changes / 1000 sq. ft.)
  • Variable Speed (43 – 68 dB(A))
  • MWERV 15 / Carbon
  • 95% efficiency to 0.3 Micron
  • $2150.00

Room Air Purifiers

  • Max-700
  • 750 CFM (4 Air Changes / 1400 sq. ft.)
  • Variable Speed
  • Sound  (43 – 65 dB(A))
  • Washable / Carbon
  • 97% efficiency to 0.1 Micron
  • $995.00
  • Maxum HEPA
  • 500 CFM (4 Air Changes / 1000 sq. ft.)
  • Variable Speed 
  • Sound (43 – 65 dB(A))
  • True HEPA  / Carbon
  • 99.7% efficiency to 0.3 Micron
  • $795.00
  • Maxum Electrostatic
  • 275 CFM (4 Air Changes / 500 sq. ft.)
  • Two Speed 
  • Sound (47 / 54 dB(A))
  • Washable / Carbon
  • 97% efficiency to 0.1 Micron
  • $650.00
  • Maxum Media
  • 225 CFM (4 Air Changes / 420 sq. ft.)
  • Two Speed
  • Sound  (47 – 54 dB(A))
  • MERV 11 / Carbon
  • 95% efficiency to 5 Micron
  • $495.00

Which Home Air Purifier is Right Size for You?

  • Great For all Bedrooms
  •  Up to 400 square Feet
  • Great For Living Rooms
  •  Up to 700 square Feet
  • Great For Large Family Areas
  •  Up to 1000 square Feet
  • Great Rooms or a Ranch Home
  •  Up to 1400 square Feet

What is the Right Filter Type for Your Home

Why Choose Electrostatic Filter for your Home


  • Electrostatic filters are washable saving you money
  • Electrostatic filters are open and allow more air flow
  • Electrostatic filters reduce landfill use
  • Electrostatic filter remove 90% of COVID


  • Electrostatic filters produce 0.5 parts per million Ozone
  • Electrostatic filters need regular cleaning to be effective
  • Electrostatic filters sometimes make a “popping” noise

The Electrostatic Air Cleaning Process

 The Electrostatic method used to clean the air uses a 3 stage filtering system. In the first stage, the dirty air passes through the particle ionizer. Here the air pollution in the air is given a negative charge. The second stage is a series of collection plates. The dirty air particles are attracted to the plates and are trapped there until they are removed when the filter is washed. In the third stage the cleaned air passes through a activated carbon filter where odors and VOCs are removed by adsorption.

Electronic Air Cleaner Illustration for home air purifiers

Why Choose HEPA Filters for your Home


  • HEPA filters don’t have to be washed, they change out quickly
  • HEPA Filters captures 99.97% of all indoor pollutants
  • HEPA Filters produce no Ozone
  • LakeAir True HEPA filters can capture 99.99% of COVID


  • HEPA filters need to be replaced every year an extra cost of $175.00
  • Discarded HEPA filters add toxic waste to landfills
  • HEPA Filters produce a large pressure drop which lowers air flow

How Air Filters Trap dirt.

Filters work in an air purifier in 3 ways. These methods of trapping dirt particles are called mechanical methods. The first method is impaction.  When a pollutant tries to go through the tight weave of a filter it is trapped. The second method is interception: When a dirt particle gets close enough to a filter fiber it is caught and trapped. The third mechanical method is diffusion.. In a filter, diffusion causes the smaller particle to move out of the main air stream. The small particle matter moves slower. Then, it is trapped by the first two methods.

How a filter traps dirt in a home air purifiier

Do I need Carbon Filters?

The simple answer is almost always YES. carbon filtration remove odors and more importantly harmful VOC’s from your home. Every LakeAir Air Purifier comes with a carbon filter. Most of our products have 2 options standard and super carbon filters. Standard filters are made of mesh and carbon media. They absorb odors well, but the volume they can absorb is diminished. The Super Carbon filters contain over 30 times more carbon and can absorb many more odors than a standard carbon filter.

Carbon filters sometimes called charcoal filters, take odor out of the air. This is accomplished through a process call absorption. Activated carbon has a  very porous structure, which allow gas particles to be trapped in the cracks and crevices of the carbon.

Carbon Structure

You can't go wrong with LakeAir Air Filtration Options

Both LakeAir Filters are highly efficient. The filter on the left allows free air to flow through. This is done while removing 97% of all dirt from the air. The filter on the right removes 99.97% of dirt from the air but significantly slows down the flow rate. For maximum clean airflow choose the MAX-700. For maximum particulate removal choose the Maxum HEPA.

If you still can’t decide the best option for your home, give our customer service pro’s a call at 800-558-9436. We will help you look at all the pertinent information for your home and your environment.

LakeAir Home Air Purifiers REMOVE

Do I Need an Air Purifier for My Home?

Do you need an air purifier for home?  The main 2 things people call us asking for, is an air purifier that will remove dust and viruses from their homes. Unless you are very healthy and  have no children, you need an air cleaner that will remove indoor air pollutants.  Why do we need to remove pollution from the air? Who needs air purification products?  And what is the best air purifying product for me?

Americans spend more time in their homes than anywhere else, and air pollution is more concentrated in our homes. On top of that, today’s houses keep more of the dirty air inside. This is one reason why indoor air quality is so important.  We want to you help reduce your health concerns and improve your family’s comfort.

Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. The very young are most likely to be affected dirty air in the home. Their small bodies are not equipped to fight off dust, mold and other pollutants. The elderly are also likely to have respiratory issues. Their immune systems are often compromised. Asthmatic symptoms are often caused by excess dust and dirty air in the home. It’s not only these groups that are adversely affected by indoor air pollution. It can affect even the most fit person you know. So, many of us do indeed need a residential clean air system ?

The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants.  Ventilating a home with clean outdoor air can accomplish this. Ventilation may be limited by weather or by pollution in the outdoor air. You can use a room air cleaner to clean the air in your home when it is not feasible to ventilate. Families need highly efficient air purifiers that have enough power to clean the air well and clean it enough times in a hour. Look to commercial grade residential air purifiers to protect your home and family


What are the Real Dangers to my Family?

Immediate affects may appear after coming into contact once or repeatedly with a pollutant. As a result, you might experience eye, nose and throat irritation. Dizziness and a rundown feeling are common as well. These symptoms can lead to asthma especially in children. Furthermore, Studies have shown that up to 12% of children with asthma developed from exposure to mold or other air pollutants.

Long term effects can show up years after exposure has occurred. Repeated exposure will only make the effects worse. Some of these effects include respiratory disease, heart disease and even cancer. It is wise to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if the symptoms aren’t immediately noticeable. As a result, your home will have cleaner air. Consider a residential air purifier as one tools in creating better indoor air quality for your home and family. The effects of indoor air pollution are even greater on the very young and old. Infants and young children have a higher breathing and heart rate and smaller bodies. Therefore they are exposed to more harmful affects.

Maxum Electronic Air Purifier Line

The MAX-700 is the only portable air purifier that can give your home 750 CFM of clean air. That means the MAX-700 can provide 4 air changes per hour to 1400 square feet of your home (figuring an 8′ ceiling). Now, this unit won’t pull stagnant air out of your back bedroom, but it will provide  4 air changes to 11,200 cubic feet of space. 

The Key to this high performance lies in a powerful 830 CFM German Blower and a  highly efficient Low Backpressure filter. The MAX-700 can be run with our Super Carbon filter, the standard carbon filter or no carbon filter at all.

For smoking homes, homes with pets, or other smelly activities we suggest the Super Carbon option at check out. For normal homes, the standard carbon filter costs only $25.00 to replace and will work well. For homes or areas where the maximum amount of air cleaning is needed and odor is not an issue, you can benefit from low back pressure and run carbon filter-free.

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  • capacity 150-750 CFM
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 31 lb.
  • sound level 39-65 dB(A)
  • particle removal: 97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron
  • Power 120v, 1.9 amps
  • shipping weight 35 lb.
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white, woodgrain, and brushed aluminum

The Maxum HEPA air purifier is one of the most powerful air purifiers in its class. It is the only tabletop air purifier that can purify the air in an entire home. The massive 500 CFM fan will clean 1000 square foot 4 times an hour. That’s more than twice as much as its nearest competitor. The Maxum HEPA removes 99.97% of all airborne impurities. This model includes the M-Super carbon filter. It will remove odors and VOCs from the air in your home. The Maxum is an all-steel air purifier made in the USA that will clean the air in your house.

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  • capacity 150-500 CFM
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 24 lb.
  • sound level 43-67 dB(A)
  • particle removal: 99.97% of airborne particles as small as .3 micron
  • Power 120v, 103-208 watts
  • shipping weight 29 lb.
  • M-Super Carbon filter
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white, woodgrain, and brushed aluminum

The Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier is a commercial strength air cleaner for use in the home. The Maxum uses a washable cell that removes 97% of impurities to .1 micron. The activated carbon filter removes odors and VOCs. The high volume output of this units allows it to out cleans most so called “hepa” air purifiers. The Maxum costs  about $64.00 a year to run, including 2 filter changes. That a much lower cost of use than a less effective “hepa” unit from the big box store.

The Maxum will clean the air in a 600 sq ft room 4 times an hour. It removes dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, smoke and many other air particles that makes us sick. Allergy sufferers and Asthmatics will find relief from their symptoms with this room air purifier.

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  • capacity 210-275 cfm
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 24 lb.
  • sound level 49-54 db (A)
  • particle removal: 97% of airborne particles as small as .1 micron
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.85 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/.30 amps
  • shipping weight 29 lb.
  • activated carbon filter
  • washable permanent electronic filter cell
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white, woodgrain and brushed aluminum

The Maxum Media Home Air Purifier  uses a disposable MERV 11 media filter. The air filter removes 95% airborne particles to 5 microns. It’s activated carbon filter removes odors and volatile organic compounds

The Maxum will clean the air in a room 24′ x 24′  4 times an hour. It removes dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and many  allergens. These impurities are harmful to people with asthma, allergies the very young and old. 

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  • capacity 210-275 cfm
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 17 lb.
  • sound level 49-54 db (A)
  • particle removal: 98% of airborne particles as small as 5 microns
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.60 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/.30 amps
  • shipping weight 21 lb.
  • activated carbon filter
  • disposable MERV 11 media filter
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white and woodgrain

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Various technologies are employed by air purifiers to absorb and eliminate airborne contaminants and allergens.
    Common techniques include:

    • HEPA filters collect particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in size, including dust, pollen, and pet dander.
    • Filters made of activated carbon that capture and trap chemicals, gases, and scents.
    • UV radiation, which destroys microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.
    • Ionizers emit negatively charged ions that cling to contaminants, making them heavier and simpler to catch using a HEPA filter.
    • Ozone generators, which emit ozone, a gas that may eliminate pollutants and aromas, but is also toxic to human health, can be hazardous to the environment.

    Multiple filters and technologies frequently work in tandem to clean the air in air purifiers, where these approaches are employed.
    Depending on the air purifier, the particular technique or mix of processes may vary.

Multiple technologies, including HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and UV-C lamps, are utilized by home air purifiers to eliminate airborne contaminants.
Household air purifiers can eliminate the following common pollutants:

  • Particulate particles such as dust, pet dander, and pollen
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) consisting of formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia.
  • Cooking, pet, and smoking-related smoke and scents
  • Microorganisms, viruses, and mold spores
  • Pesticides and cleaning chemicals are examples of chemical toxins.

However, it is essential to realize that various air purifiers employ different technologies and that not all air purifiers can remove all contaminants.

Air purifiers can alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms by eliminating pollutants that aggravate these disorders.
In addition to dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, they may also filter out chemicals and gases.
Some air purifiers employ UV-C light or activated carbon to eliminate smells, germs, and viruses.
An air purifier can make it easier to breathe and minimize symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and congestion by lowering the concentration of allergens and irritants in the air.