Portable Air Purifier

Having a portable air purifier system in your office can help allay worries about indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace, sick building syndrome, and elevated risks for viral transmission in the case of the flu and COVID-19.

Businesses can benefit from using air purifiers in many ways, including delivering clean air (which your HVAC system might not be able to do) and preventing the spread of viruses.

Reducing sick days while increasing productivity and creating safer work environments is the largest perk of all. Although it may be assumed that portable air purifier technologies sound little, they are powerful and capable of handling more than you might imagine.

LakeAir portable air purifiers are available for both household and business use. All of them work well to get rid of smoke from cooking, wildfires, hookah, cigars, cigarettes, and vaping.

LakeAir smoke removers effectively filter gas and vapors from welding, plasma cutting, laser, and other production operations in spaces between 50 and 50,000 square feet, including residences, restaurants, bars, or other places where people smoke.

  • The MAX Guard-S is available for Pre-Order. Units will start shipping September 1, 2022. This 1500 CFM Portable Air Purifier /Smoke Eater will give you the largest air cleaning capacity of any floor model. MAX Guard Models are currently only available in Black. White and perhaps other colors will be added in the future.
  • $2495.00

  • The MAX Guard-HEPA is available for pre-order. Units will start shipping September 1 2022. This unit is currently only available in black. Other colors will be added at later date.
  • $2295.00

  • The MAX Guard M15 is available for pre-order. Units will start shipping September 1, 2022. This model is currently available in black. Other colors will be added in the future. This unit uses a MERV 15 filter that removes 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

  • $2100.00

What is a Portable Air Purifier?

Portable air purifiers are filtration tools that may remove toxins like VOCs from the air, along with pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and particles like pollen, dander, and dust mites.

But not every air purifier is made equal. Some systems for portable air cleaners have more air cleaning power than others, while others offer a variety of technology enabling varied applications.

For instance, LakeAir’s portable air purifiers are completely scalable systems that offer reliable surface sanitization and efficient multi-stage air filtration in facilities of various sizes.

In deployed settings, our technology can also provide continuous air exchange of up to 300 CFM. Portable air purifiers are distinguished in the indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions market by their distinctive plug-and-play configuration and a broad range of capabilities.

It’s incredibly useful to have a LakeAir portable air purifier around, especially since they don’t require any modifications to the HVAC system.

How Does a LakeAir Portable Air Purifier Work?

Polluted air is drawn into the system through an intake by portable air purifiers using strong, silent fans. As the air moves through each step or layer of filter media, pollutants and other impurities in the air are captured and reduced. The clean air is subsequently expelled by the fan back into the building’s interior.

The ability of portable air purifiers to deliver clean air and stop the spread of viruses frequently depends on the following crucial elements:

  • What kinds of filtration mediums are employed? High-efficiency particulate absorbing filters (HEPA), pre-filters, and activated carbon filters are examples of filter media types.
  • What proportion and size of airborne pollutants and particulate matter (measured in microns) can the filtration media remove?
  • How much air per minute can the system deliver in cubic feet per minute (CFM)?

True HEPA Filters

LakeAir uses mechanical particulate air filters known as HEPA filters are able to capture 99.95% to 99.97% of airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. Pollen, dust, dampness, germs, viruses, filth, and submicron liquid aerosols are among the particles that a HEPA Filter will capture. Because they are simple to use, HEPA air filters are the most popular ones available. 

To prevent outside objects from passing through, they are tied together. The efficacy of the filter depends on how firmly the fibers are bound; this varies from MERV 12 to MERV 17 filters.

Not all HEPA filters, nevertheless, are reliable. HEPA filters are made by some off-brand manufacturers, however, the precision of the filter mesh cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when investigating portable air purifiers, always check for the True HEPA designation.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon or charcoal that has been activated to become porous is used in an activated carbon filter, which is an adsorbent media filter. The carbon becomes a highly effective filter for difficult-to-capture particles after being activated, which can be accomplished through physical activation, such as carbonization, or chemical activation. This activation increases the porosity and number of caves that the carbon can adsorb.

In LakeAir’s air purifier systems, activated carbon filters serve as a pre-filter for HEPA filters. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can lead to allergies, asthma, sick-building syndrome (SBS), and other respiratory illnesses, are the most effective at trapping dangerous gas.

Due to equipment like copiers, as well as materials used in construction and furnishings, VOCs are present everywhere in office buildings.

Benefits of Using a Portable Air Purifier from LakeAir

Portable air purifiers may help eliminate the initial cause of your symptoms, while medications for allergies and asthma can help reduce symptoms and avoid reactions. There’s a possibility that with sustained use, your allergic reactions and asthma symptoms may decrease.

The aggravating particles should still be kept out of your home in the first place; this isn’t a replacement for your drugs nevertheless. Before lowering or quitting any medicine, see your doctor first.

Use Portable Air Purifiers at Your Office or Home

The Health benefits of indoor air quality are significant. Here are some ways LakeAir smoke eater air cleaners can assist you in making your home or place of business cleaner and healthier:

Eliminates Harmful Fumes

Long-term use of equipment that releases toxic fumes puts you at risk of developing respiratory issues. A fume extractor significantly lowers the risk of developing health issues by rerouting fumes away from your face.

Removes Airborne Contagion that Is Harmful

The extractor catches microscopic particles in the air around the workplace in addition to removing dangerous odors from the atmosphere. As a result, the workplace is safer because any particles created during the process are eliminated.The extractor catches microscopic particles in the air around the workplace in addition to removing dangerous odors from the atmosphere. As a result, the workplace is safer because any particles created during the process are eliminated.

Various Filtration Options

Pre-filters, HEPA filters, and active carbon filters are just a few of the different filtration options for extraction machines. Because it holds particles in its form, unlike the other types, active carbon is the most effective.

This kind of air filtration system is the safest because it absorbs gases, smells, and dangerous smoking particulates.

Lake Air’s Green Manufacturing

At LakeAir, we’re dedicated to green manufacturing concepts that go far beyond energy efficiency.


Since 1968, LakeAir Products have been produced in the USA. Wisconsin vendors provide the majority of the parts and services we outsource.

Typically, more than 90% of the components in LakeAir products are produced in the US.

Why Choose a Portable Air Purifier from LakeAir?

A portable LakeAir air purifier is perfect for a variety of applications. For a variety of industrial and maintenance activities, we have offered purifying solutions.
LakeAir has made it a priority to provide our clients with the clean air they deserve since 1968.

All LakeAir air purifiers are produced in the United States, guaranteeing the cleanest air possible for your residential or commercial spaces while removing dangerous particles and airborne pollutants.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, you can rely on our team of air purifier specialists to suggest the most suitable model for your business’s requirements.
To learn more about how we can help you find the best portable air purifier for your needs, contact us at 800-558-9436 at LakeAir today!