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What LakeAir Cigar Air Purifier Customers have to Say

We know how important customer product testimonials are to consumer confidence. We will try to keep adding  more Testimonials as we come across them. You can find these same reviews on the review sites we cite. We work hard to keep our customers happy and we will work hard to earn your continued business. You can buy with confidence at LakeAir.

Linda Beochia

The Lake Air Smoke Eater we purchased has been better than we ever imagined. My husband is a committed cigar smoker and this machine keeps my home smelling fantastic. As far as customer service goes this company has been lovely and accommodating in every way. I recommend Lake Air to everyone. Thanks

Nicolsa Lim

In a cigar lounge, clean air is key to happy customers. LakeAir filters have delivered day in and day out, the best service ever. Their customer service is always helpful and Randy (the owner) has been extremely helpful on many occasions.

Bud Anderson

the smoke eater/air filter is just what we needed.. the unit randy recomended was perfect for our application. we have been using it for 6 months with no problems or complaints. i would highy recomend lake air if you are in need of an air perification unit. awsome customer service as well.. THANKYOU RANDY FOR ALL YOUR HELP

Sheri Deludos

BEST customer service! Easy to reach and always go above and beyond!

Tamie Robison March 18 2022

I’ve been searching for a smoke eater, came upon your site, bought the home model a year ago and I’m in love with my smoke eater, I clean it monthly, easy peasy and I just replaced filter with the canna filter, wow it works fabulous

Mark Stevenson  Dec 1, 2022

Choosing the smoke eater was very easy on R K Ventures website. It was easy to navigate and very educational. Most helpful when trying to decide which unit was right for my business. Also if you need to call for help Randy was there to answer any questions, Very Professional. I would recommend anyone to this company.

Bruce Essex May 6 2023

Repair parts available for a10+ year…

Repair parts available for a10+ year old, well built appliance. Will probably last another 10 years!

Jason Mets Feb 01, 2023

Quick response and answers to questions…

Quick response and answers to questions and AMERICAN MADE.

John May 22 2023

Great response! Fast delivery!

Barbara Coutlas Feb 21, 2022

I called there to order and guess what? The president of the company answered! I could not believe my ears! Where do you go that you get a real person to talk to you without waiting a hour or so? I loved it and I would recommend these people totally. If you need a LakeAir product or a filter for them just let these people know! They will certainly take good care of you!

Steven R Kinziger May 6 2022

Product ordered is exactly what I…

Product ordered is exactly what I received. Packed well, came in good condition.

Cody November 26, 2022

.Works faster than I expected

The Maxum Electrostatic appears to be a fine machine. Have had it running for about 4 hours and the whole house smells better …

LakeAir Customer Testimonials from our website

We don’t have an aggressive campaign to gather customer product reviews. However, some customers want to spread the word about the great experience they have had. We know this is very important to some folks as they decide which product to buy. LakeAir air purifiers and smoke eaters aren’t cheap Here are a few of the notes people have left us to share with you the visitor of our website.

Maxum Electrostatic

I have been using the LakeAir Maxum since we had a 300 square foot Theater room / Cigar Room  built downstairs where we watch sporting events and movies while smoke cigars with my friends. The room gets quite a bit of use and your machine is on 24/7. Other than changing the filter and the occasional cleaning of the machine the equipment has been flawless. Best of luck to you and your partner always nice to see an American Company succeed !

Allen Newman

LAD 1814

We just added your Lake Air cleaner to our furnace at the house we just bought. What a great job it is doing on the air quality–no more dusting every few days. And best of all the price was a lot less than the “big names” in the business. My husband likes it because it is easy clean and maintain. Thanks for a great product, we are very satisfied with this product and are happy to recommend it to others.

Mrs. Dale Bookie


My house was very dusty with black dust on the furniture and I had to dust about 4 times a week. There were also hundreds of particles flying around in front of all my windows. I bought a Maxum Air Cleaner for my worst room, and now I only have to dust twice a month at the most. I also no longer see any particles flying in front of my windows. I can breathe so much better in my house.I was so happy with my Lake Air Air Cleaner that I bought 5 more to put one in each of my rooms.

Wendy Bookhamer


This air cleaner is unbelievable! I have a photo studio and I have a smoking room in the studio. This air cleaner keeps my studio free of smokey odors. I cannot express what an amazing job the Maxum does for me. I would buy an hvac in line unit, but this room unit does such a great job I don’t even need to!

Portrait Adventures


We have been using (2) LA-2000 purifiers in our automotive repair shop for the past 3 months. One unit is mounted in the ceiling & one is on a cart to be next to the current job. We can definitely tell a major difference in the air quality & dust build up. You can even visually see the smoke/vapors being eliminated which is great!

Bytheway Auto

Maxum Electrostatic

We have three of these units in our business and I couldn’t be happier. They work better than our old units and are easy to maintain. I am happy with the customer service of their employees, I always leave with the information I was in need of.

Tim Hardy (Flips Grill)

Maxum HEPA

My spring time allergies used to be unbearable. Nothing the doctor prescribed that had a tangible effect. And up here in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin, the pollen blankets everything in spring, there is no hiding from it. Fortunately I found LakeAir air cleaners. There was immediate relief and I am finally able to enjoy spring again. Thanks LakeAir!!

Christopher Hofmeister


Excel Media

This purifier has been great for us! We use it more than we expected. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we bought to help in the summer if the forest fires are bad but find ourselves using it more frequently such as if we are doing any painting, or remodeling, etc. Thanks for making a great, quality, Made In The US product and for the outstanding customer service, Randy!


Maxum Electrostatic

Our winter home was always very dusty, even with hydronic heating.  In the morning my husband would get up and sound like he had a cold; his nose was all stuffed up.  Since we have had the LakeAir purifier his nose is no longer stuffed and he can breathe easier.  Our house is no longer dusty either.  We currently have 3 air purifiers in our winter home and we have also put 2 in our summer home.

Jim and Vicki Haberle


I’m a knife maker and generate a LOT of fine dust in my 10′ x 20′ workshop. I bought the LA1400 model in hopes of making the air cleaner to breathe. I tested the unit after grinding some antler on my belt grinder. The smoke and particles were so dense, I could barely see across the shop. I switched on this unit and in less than two minutes, the air was crystal clear. I purchased this unit 20 years ago and it still runs perfectly. LakeAir will be my go-to company for managing all my air quality issues in the future!

 Terry Knipschield, Rochester MN.


The company is easy to work with. The product has made a huge difference in my bar. There are a lot of heavy smokers there and it has made a difference


Maxum HEPA

Purchased this product with my HSA funds (just needed dr. note saying that an air purifier was needed) I researched products and chose the Maxum hepa unit for a few reasons> made in the USA, metal housing, and the warranty, 7 years. This is a quality designed and built purifier.

Mark Sinclair