Healthful Homes Products

Healthful Homes Products from LakeAir

RK Ventures Inc. the manufacturer of LakeAir brand air purifiers is a national distributor of Healthful Homes Products. We can provide products to individuals, companies distributors and wholesalers throughout the USA. If you want information about bulk purchases just call our customer service number 800-558-9436 for more information.

About Healthful Homes Products

Healthful Homes Products come from a company with an unique perspective. They are scientist with a pension for natural products that do near unnatural things.  They find ways to improve our environment without destroying it at the same time. Example; they made a fogger that kills mold, bacteria and viruses without pesticides or harsh chemical like chlorine or ammonia. They make smart innovative products that protect your family without hurting the environment. For this reason RK Ventures Inc is proud to offer their products within the LakeAir umbrella of products.

Virus, Bacteria & Mold killing Fog

Disinfecting Fogger

Mold Magnet - Trap Viruses / Bacteria /Mold

Turn Your Furnace Filter into a Virus Trap

Mold Magnet is one of those happy accidents from the laboratory. A scientist looking for a better way to study fungi stumbles upon a way to capture huge amounts of  microbes! Mold Magnet is an all natural spay on formula that transforms an air filter into a magnet for viruses, bacteria and mold. These organisms want to stay on the filter, its a molecular kinda thing.

For you, me and the whole world its a affordable way to increase our chances to protect the air we live in from all the crazy things we are exposed to. It is not some silver bullet to save us from disease and all that nano-ickiness, but it is a tool to make our world safer. You can read more about Mold Magnet on this page.

Surface Disinfectant - Offers Long Lasting Protection

Protect Surfaces from Mold / Bacteria / Viruses for Weeks

Healthful Home Surface Disinfectant  kills Viruses, Bacteria and Mold in minutes. In the time it takes to dry it develops a layer of enzymes that stick to the surface. These enzymes keep killing microbes for weeks, sometimes months. Crazy, but it is totally safe for your family and pets. You can use this anywhere to  get kid of the nano-creepies of today’s world.

This product is all natural. It is EPA registered. Its is FDA approved. It helps improve the overall air quality in your home an office. There aren’t any harsh chemicals, don’t worry about bleach or ammonia. You don’t have to keep the surface dry, it keeps on protecting your home an family. You can read more about Healthful Homes Surface Disinfectant on this page.

Surface Disinfectant in a Fog Sprayer

FOG-U® MOLD® contains many of the same all-natural, non-toxic ingredients as the Mold Spray/Cleaner but does not contain any pesticide component. Packaged in a convenient spray can with a 360° nozzle, FOG-U® MOLD® is designed to use as either a spray or fogger. Uses natural enzyme action to eliminate mold & mildew odors and helps to keep the treated areas odor-free. Use FOG-U® MOLD® to treat more widespread and difficult to reach areas. Each can treats up to 800 cubic feet (an average 10′ x 10′ room). To order thsi product please visit the product page

Product Features

  • Great for crawl spaces, attics and ductwork
  • Innovative enzymatic formula eliminates odors
  • Independently tested and proven
  • Months of lasting odor protection
  • Safe for use on most surfaces and materials
  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Restores indoor air quality
  • Also breaks down pollen, dust mite matter and pet danders
  • 100% biodegradable

5 Minute Mold Test Kit

Features U.S. Centers For Disease Control Patented Technology

Product Features

  • Quickly identifies dangerous molds
  • Great for testing in a home or apartment before you buy
  • Results in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Patented technology
  • Licensed from the U.S. Public Health Service
  • No need to pay extra to send away for lab results
  • Simple and easy to use

Product Description

The 5 Minute Mold Test was developed by Alexeter Technologies, trusted by Homeland Security, US Military, EPA and over 1,000 other government agencies.

Using the same proven lateral flow assay technology employed in medical labs, Validated in an EPA-licensed and AIHA-accredited environmental lab as the most sensitive and accurate rapid tests available and up to 100 times more sensitive than other rapid tests. To purchase this product please visit the product page