Mold Magnet


 Mold Magnet is a patent pending bio-molecular formulation that increases the capture of unhealthful mold, bacteria and virus microbes on  air filters. Each 8 oz bottle will treat more than 10 filters.

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Mold Magnet increases the  effective filter rating of media filters by 7 MERV levels of  microbial filtration for Bacteria, Mold and Virus particles. Laboratory tested by NIOSH/CDC  Mold Magnet is long lasting and will not harm your LakeAir electrostatic, media, or carbon filters. Use Mold Magnet to enhance the health benefits from your LakeAir air purifying system.

Directions:  Holding the bottle 10-12 inches away from the filter surface, spray on all filters surfaces. Please avoid over spray. most filters require 9 good spray pumps. Allow electrostatic filters to dry, other filters may be put into use right away. Charged media filters may be discarded normally, Electrostatic filters can be wash normally.

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