M-22 Meida Furnace Air Purifier



Ideal for home furnace systems, The M-series filtering system effortlessly removes pollutants from indoor air.  They can easily be mounted in any position and can be sized to a variety of duct openings.


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The M-22 whole house air cleaner is an affordable furnace accessory that transforms your furnace into indoor air pollution killer. The M-22 attaches easily to most any existing forced air furnace. Whether your heating system is a high efficiency system, or an older model the M-22 attaches with specially designed tabs that does not require fasteners or power tools. The M-22 whole house air cleaner can be mounted in several positions to assure good fit and efficient operation. This unit can be sized to a variety of duct sizes.

Why install a whole house air cleaner ?

The advantage to a whole house air cleaner is that it draws dirty air from through out your home to be purified by the MERV 11 pollution magnet. The M-22 is more than a MERV 11 monster it also includes our biggest activated carbon filter to remove harmful VOCs from your home. The M-22 whole house air cleaner can remove radon, formaldehyde, ozone, and stubborn odors from your entire home.  Mold, dust, smoke, pollen, dust mites and many other indoor air pollutants will be trapped in the M-22 and will no longer plague your family

Home and System Safe

While all LakeAir products are safe for your family, The M-22 does this work without any ozone emissions. Ozone generators do a good job of masking odors but the level of ozone is considered unsafe by many government agencies. The Z pleated filter in the M-22 has a low back pressure design to help protect the fan in your units air handler.

  •  capacity 800-2100 cfm
  • unit size 24.5″ x 6.75″ x 16.75″
  • duct opening (inlet and outlet) 22″ x 14.5″
  • particle removal: 98% of airborne particles as small as 5 microns
  • filter size 23″ x 4.25″ x 16″
  • ‘Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California
Airflow / Resistance M-22 inches W/G
600 .02
800 .05
1000 ..08
1200 .12
1400 .15
1600 .20
1800 .28

Replacement Filters

To keep the M-22 whole house air cleaner working efficiently the filters need to be inspected and replaced as needed. The M-22 uses 3 filters:  pre-filter, MERV 11 Media filter and activated carbon filter. The pre-filter can be washed and reused for quite some time. The media filter will likely need to be changed annually. The  activated carbon filter may need to be changed a little more often. To reduce the cost of replacement filters, we offer free shipping when you buy 3 filters. It is important to check the filters and replace them if they become full of dirt. If you do not replace dirty filters you can damage your fan motor.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 27.75 × 23 in


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