• 1500 CFM
  • Electrostatic (washable) 97% Efficient
  • 1000 gram / 1.5″ Cannablend Filter
  • Largest Smoke Removal Volume
  • Size ~ 22″ x 14″ x 26″ (tall)
  • Floor Unit on Casters


1500 CFM Cannabis Air Purifier

LakeAir brings its popular dual blower design into the portable to air purifier market. The double German reverse curve blowers have the power to pull the weed smoke in your home through the 3 filter system. All the other air purifiers for the home depend on 1 blower. Those blowers are most often smaller than a single Zeihl-Abegg fan. LakeAir doubles down with two blowers to provide you with a 1500 CFM Cannabis Air Purifier.

3 Filters to Clean Pot from the Air.

The 3 filter system is a LakeAir benchmark. The trio consists of a MERV 2 pre-filter, a 97% efficient electrostatic precipitator, and a  2 chamber Cannablend  odor absorbing carbon filter. We use 3 filters to extend filter life. Three filters also offers a more thorough filtering solution. The filter bed is 5 times larger than competitors like RabbitAir. 

Washable Main Filter

The electrostatic filter cell use over 5000 square inches of collection plate to remove the weed smoke from the air. At 97% efficiency almost every bit of smoke is removed on the very first past. The low back pressure design allows for many more cleanings in an hour and removes the rest of the smoke quickly. This electrostatic filter can be easily cleaned in your dishwasher or be cleaned in our new ultrasonic cleaner that will be ready for the market in 2023.

The MAX-Guard-S420 filter removes smoke from smoking marijuanna in your home or business

Save 1000’s of dollars in replacement filter costs by washing the filter from your MAX-Guard-S420 in your dishwasher. This dishwasher is a 20 year old portable  model. 

How Electrostatic Filter Removes Cannabis Smoke from the Air

Electrostatic smoke removal is a 2 stage filtering system. In the first stage, the pot smoke air is drawn through the particle ionizer. Here the smoke in the air is given a negative charge. The second stage is a series of collection plates. The  charged smoke particles are attracted to the plates and are trapped. The smoke remains on the filter plates until they are removed when the filter is washed. 

cannabis smoke removal illustration

Cannablend Carbon Filters Remove Pot Odor

Cannabis Odor Removal Illustration

Cannablend is a custom mixture of zeolite and activated carbon crystals. The type of zeolite used in the cannablend filter is especially good at absorbing amino acidic terpenes found it pot.  This mixture removes all types of cannabis odors while its being grown and when it is smoked. The MAX-Guard-S420  odor absorbing filter is a 2 chamber filter containing over 1000 grams of Cannablend.  

Great Value

The MAX-Guard-S420 is by no means a cheap air purifying system. While many companies are moving to cheaper construction and thinner filters, the MAX-Guard is going in the opposite direction. This product will last for 15-25 years. The body and frame are heavy duty steel. The filter  used in this air purifying system has been field test to last over 30 years. The MAX-Guard  design uses no PCB Circuit boards. All the parts are easily replaced. The blowers are rated for 60,000 hours of continual use. No wonder LakeAir gives this product a 7 year limited warranty.


MAX Guard-S420 Specifications
Capacity1500 CFM
Filter 1MERV 2 Pre Filter
Filter 220 x 16 x 5 Electrostatic Cell 97% Efficient
Filter 32 Chamber Cannablend / Carbon Filter 
Unit Size26″ x 22″  x 14″
Unit Weight 70 Lbs.
Power120 volt @ 3 amps
Sound 40-69 d(b)A @ 15 feet
Warranty7 year Limitted
note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California

Additional information






97% to 0.1 Micron


Cannablend, Electrostatic


Floor, Portable


2-3 Amps


Allergens, Dust, Gases, Mold, Odors, Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Smoke, VOCs


Variable Speed Control


115 Volt, 230 Volt


70-80 Pounds


2 ~ 1.5 / 600-1000 gram


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