• 900 CFM
  • True HEPA 2.5 ~ 99.97% Efficient
  • 2000 Gram / 3.0 Cannablend Filter
  • Best For Weed Smoke and Odor
  • Size 22″ x 14″ x 26″ (tall)
  • Floor Unit on Casters


Ultimate Cannabis Smoke and Odor Control

If you have been struggling to keep the smell  and smoke of cannabis under control, your struggles are over. The MAX-Guard-HEPA420 is by far the best air purifying system made in the USA. The True HEPA filter removes all the smoke in a single pass. The 5 chamber Cannablend filter absorbs weed odor as the air passes through it. This very large portable is built to last and perform.

5 Chamber Cannablend Filter ~ The Star of the Show

So often the greatest concern with pot smoke is the odor. Activated carbon will absorb odors, but it needs help when it comes to marijuanna. The Cannablend Ultra 4.5 filter contains over 2750 grams of magnesium permanganate impregnated zeolite and activated carbon. There is no better odor absorbing filter for cannabis terpenes. The Ultra 4.5 removes the terpenes from both growing plants and those be smoked. 

Cannabis Odor Removal Illustration

Cannabis has over 16 different terpenes. It’s these terpenes that make pot odor so difficult to remove. The specially treated zeolite grabs onto the amino acids in the slippery cannabis gasses. The odor is absorbed by zeolite much more readily than activated carbon.

Odor absorption takes time to happen. The gasses in the air stream of your air purifier are moving fast through the filter. To be effective these gasses have to remain in contact with the odor absorbing media. This amount of time is known as “residency time“. The physical width of the filter is 4.5 inches. This much wider filter width than normal allows the odorous gasses to stay in contact with the Cannablend and be removed from the air.

Not only does the 5 chamber design create a longer path for odor filled gasses, it also forces the air to tumble through the irregular shaped crystals. This torturous course helps rip the terpenes out of the airstream leaving you odor free air. At a high level of odor it will take more than one circulation to remove all the odors.

the 4.5 ultra carbon filter has 5 layers of filtration

99.97% Smoke and Particle Removal

The MAX-Guard-HEPA-420 utilizes a True HEPA filter.  Our HEPA filters are made in the USA by Glasfloss a respected filter manufacturer. It has filter trapping efficiency to smoke and particles as small o.1 microns. The filter size is 3 to 5 times larger than other home HEPA filters. Most home HEPA filters are flimsy and look to be suited for a vacuum cleaner. Note that the LakeAir HEPA filter is incased in a rigid galvanized steel frame. The filter is really put together well.

LakeAir Mini HEPA Filter

  For 1 or 2 regular smokers, the HEPA filter should last around 1 year. If you notice considerable less air flow, it is probably time to change it out.  The combination of ultra 4.50 Cannablend and True HEPA makes this product the ultimate cannabis smoke and odor control air purifying system.


MAX Guard-S420 Specifications
Capacity900 CFM
Filter 1MERV 2 Pre Filter
Filter 299.97% efficient to 0.3 micron True HEPA
Filter 35 Chamber  Cannablend / Carbon Filter 
Unit Size26″ x 22″  x 14″
Unit Weight 70 Lbs.
Power120 volt @ 3 amps
Sound 40-69 d(b)A @ 15 feet
Warranty7 year Limited
note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California

Additional information






Black, White


99.97% to 0.3 Micron


Cannablend, HEPA


Floor, Portable


2-3 Amps


Allergens, Dust, Gases, Mold, Odors, Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Smoke, Very Fine Partices, VOCs


Variable Speed Control


115 Volt, 230 Volt


70-80 Pounds


4 ~ 3.0 / 2000 Gram


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