LA2 | MAX | WM Cannablend 4.5 OC 499104


Canna-blend 4.5 inch filter offers the highest level of odor control. This filter can be installed in LA2000-OC, LA2, LA1 and LAFC air purifiers. Use part number 499104 for your reference.


Commercial Cannabis Odor Control

The Canna-blend 4.5 filter offers the maximum odor control for commercial cannabis operations. Whether you are growing it or it’s smoked at your establishment the Canna-blend filter is your best bet.

This filter will fit in the LA2000-OC, LA2-RC1, LA2-RC2, and LAFC commercial air purifiers. For the ultimate in odor control order a LA2-RC2-OC2 with filter number 499104 in filter slots 1 and 2.

If you have more question call our customer service number 800-558-9436. Please see our web page dedicated to cannabis smoke and odor control for more information.


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