Commercial Smoke Eater That Really Works

When You Need a Smoke Eater that Really Works

On a cold February night in Columbus Ohio Darrin and his business partners in Barclay’s Pipe Tobacco and Cigar were going over the products they needed to make their new shop work.

On the top of their list was a way to keep the air clear in their cigar shop. They did some research and they knew they wanted a commercial smoke eater that was made in the USA and would last a good long time. Their research brought them to the LakeAir Website. That’s when they called me.

It was about 6:00 PM and like the boys in Columbus, I was enjoying a beverage. They called me with a lot of questions. They filled me in on their goals and the dimensions of their shop space. I entered the information into our smoke eater cost calculator. The calculator revealed that the space size bordered on needing 1 LAFC-RC2-S running on turbo (which is a little loud) or 2 units running at med (not loud at all) 

We talked about lead times, (they were in a hurry) and I let them know we keep these units in stock and we can ship them out in 2-3 days, sometimes next day. They were going to buy 2 and wanted a deal. Heck, who doesn’t want a break? Well we came to an agreement and they gave me their credit card info. We shipped the LAFC-RC2-S two days later along with a years worth of replacement carbon filters. That was the deal we agreed to, and if you mention this article you can probably get the same deal for yourself.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at LakeAir is customer service. That Saturday, they wanted to install the smoke eaters into their Cigar Shop. They got the smoke eaters mounted right off. The wrinkle was in the wiring. They had a few questions and needed a bit of advice. Imagine calling at 3:00 PM on a Saturday. What do you think they got? Well they got a live person giving them the information they needed. The LakeAir smoke eaters were running that day as expected. That’s what you can expect from LakeAir; Smoke Eaters that really work and customer service that is there when you need it.

2 Weeks Later

Text from Darrin At Barclay's Cigar...

“Units are working fine. Full Lobby! No Smoke! Thank you Darrin. Barclays Tobacco and Cigar Inc. Columbus OH”

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