Canna-blend Filters Remove Cannabis odors

Canna-blend Filters at LakeAir

At LakeAir, we offer many filtration options. No matter what purpose our customers are using the air purifiers for, there’s always a perfect
fit for them. One specific type is the canna-blend. Do you smoke marijuana in your home and get tired of the odors? Then this filter is
perfect for you. It comes in the Maxum, LAFC, and LA2 air purifier models and is one of the best filters for odors and chemicals

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What is so special about it?

As many know, we have a standard carbon and super carbon filter that remove odors. The reason canna-blend is stronger than the two is simple: canna-blend is made up of activated carbon and a substance called zeolite. Now zeolite is impregnated with potassium permanganate. Since it’s designed to remove acid gases, aldehydes, amines, and hazardous air pollutants its structural features make it a potential candidate in the adsorption of long-chain molecules. With cannabis, the plant needs amino acids to grow. When smoking the plant, it turns the substance into a gas state and releases the amino acids into the atmosphere. In which, the zeolite attracts the gas and captures it as it gets pulled through the filter.

Why Marijuana?

Well, the cannabis plant itself contains about 540 chemical substances. Marijuana refers to parts of the plant that contain amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the substance that is mainly responsible for the effect of marijuana on a person’s mental state. Now, think about all of those chemicals floating around in the air of your home or business, gross right? This filter minimizes the chemicals and odors in marijuana, making it a clean and safe environment.

Weed Smoke is filled with harmful vapors

What units are a good fit?

LA2000-OC Odor Control Commercial Air Purifier

Our best units for this product are the Smoke Eater units on the LakeAir website. As previously stated, they come in the Maxum, LAFC, and LA2 options. They may be the only option, but are good at what they do. Their main job is to remove the smoke caused by smoking, cooking, and even wildfires. The best thing about the different units is that they are a good fit for all businesses and homes.