3 Signs That Tell You Need to Clean Your Electrostatic Air Filter

Dirty Electrostatic Cell Needs to be washed regularily

Electrostatic air cleaners (EAC) have long been used in homes and offices to keep indoor air clean and pollutant-free. But since these devices employ a different technology than other types of air filters, such as HEPA, they need extra attention to their maintenance and cleaning of the electrostatic filter. However, many people struggle to decide whether their EAC needs cleaning or not and do not clean it until after they see smoke or oil mist blowing through.

Here are a few signs that tell you need to clean your electrostatic filter: Constant Popping or Zapping

Without even looking at your air purifier it often lets you know the electrostatic filter is dirty. If you are hearing a constant popping sound that reminds you of a bug zapper on a warm summer evening your filter is most likely dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Dirty Collection Cells

If you pull the collection cells out of your electrostatic air purifier and notice that they are gathering dust on the leading edge or towards the intake side, they need cleaning. When they start to get dirty, they begin to collect dirt farther back on the cell plates. Eventually, they get dirty all the way and fail to work properly. Make sure you check the collection cells regularly and keep them clean to extend their lifespan and ensure proper functioning.

Dirty Ionizer Wires

If you pull out the ionizer and notice dirt on its wires, it is time to clean your electrostatic filter. Accumulation of dirt on ionizer wires can insulate the charge, preventing smoke or oil mist from getting charged. If the smoke and oil mist do not get charged, they will not get collected in the collection cells.

If you want to know more about the maintenance and cleaning of your electrostatic filter, feel free to get in touch with us with your questions..