4 Signs That Tell You To Replace Your Air Filters

Most people don’t think about the filters of their air purification for a long, long time after getting the system installed. That is a big mistake given the performance of the system has a lot to do with the filters. Just investing in commercial grade or industrial air cleaners won’t do the job alone; you need to keep checking if the filters need replacement from time-to-time.

Air filters are designed to trap minute particles, allergens, and disease-causing germs from your indoor air to keep it clean, fresh, and hygienic. If clogged, the air filter will instead blow dirty air throughout your living space. Therefore, for good health of yourself and your loved ones, you must understand when to change the filters of your air purifiers. This is vital in your quest for clean indoor air!

1. Foul odor– If the filters of your industrial air cleaners are working efficiently, the indoor air should smell fresh 24/7. In case you notice any foul odor that wasn’t there earlier, it may be a hint toward changing the air filters. The smell is most probably because of microbial growth or bacteria build-up in the filters. When the air blows through the filter, the foul odor is pushed by the system via the ducts, into your home. Replace the filters as soon as that happens. If the problem continues to persist, call professionals to get the system checked.

2. Breathing problems– If your allergy suddenly starts acting up or a family member with a respiratory illness starts complaining of breathing trouble regularly, take it as a strong sign that you have clogged air filters. The particulates responsible for aggravating respiratory conditions are not being filtered as they should have. Clogged filters even reduce airflow which further complicates the air quality.

3. Lots of dust– If you find yourself with a dust cloth in your hand most parts of the day, change your air filters. Wondering if it is actually your filter’s fault or is it the open windows? Do the white sheet test! Hang a white sheet at some distance from one of the vents in your home, leave it for about an hour. Has the sheet turned gray or black? You need to invest in new filters pronto.

4. Sudden spike in utility bills– An effectively functioning air filter means an energy efficient household. If your electricity bills are skyrocketing for no apparent reason, you have overworked filters that must be replaced as soon as possible.

Are you dealing with any of the above problems? LakeAir replacement filters will take care of it in no time. If you can’t figure out the model, we will help you with that too. In addition to replacement filers, we also carry air purifiers for all your needs, including industrial air cleaners.