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Can an Air Purifier Remove Dust from Your Surroundings

No matter how tidy/spotless you try to keep your surroundings, dust tends to have its ways of accumulating in your home/property. Some of the most natural dust sources include beddings, dead skin cells, furniture, and clothing. To eliminate harmful airborne pollutants from the air effectively, it would help run an air purifier with a quality particle filter for dust. Air pollutants like dust are five times more common at home. Young and old are more vulnerable to indoor health risks as they spend even more time in the house. With the current ongoing pandemic, health is considered more important than ever; the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests air purifiers with High-Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filters with a grade of at least H13 or higher.

What Is In The Dust We Breathe?

Following are a few pointers and facts to understand what is in the dust we breathe:

  • The sizes of the dust particles range from enormous to microscopic.
  • The size is typically defined in terms of the aerodynamic diameter.
  • The largest size of a dust particle is 100 to 10 microns.
  • These particles pose the slightest threat, and they are usually filtered out in the upper respiratory system.
  • Household dust that most individuals breathe contains a lot of stuff.
  • An ordinary surrounding has over 100 different dust elements; some are inert and not very dangerous, but most out there are bothersome.

To learn more about the various kinds of specks of dust you should be aware of in your surroundings.

Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust?

Yes, nearly all air purifiers are designed to remove dust from the air. Most air purifiers feature HEPA filters, which are designed in a way to capture pollutants, including dust. Lake Air’s air purifiers for dust removal have HEPA filters that are evaluated to capture the smallest dust particles. Not many people are aware, but a 0.3-micron size is the most brutal size to trap as it most easily draws into lungs, giving rise to all sorts of illness.

All of these minute dust particles move around your home/surroundings by floating in the air before they settle on a well-suited and convenient surface in your homes, like carpets, beds, walls, or even a room’s corners. By using an air purifier for dust removal in a room, you can lock in these dust particles before they even have an opportunity to settle. The air purifier not only makes the air more crisp and pleasant to breathe but also helps reduce the buildup of dust on carpets, books, shelves, or any other favorite place for dust to settle on. Air purifier helps clean circulate the air in a room, and as it inhales the impure air, it sucks in all of the tiny particulate matter floating in it. The air passes through the filter with ease; however, the dust particles are tangled within the fibers. Air purifiers capture dust particles before they try to capture you and cause sickness.

How does an air purifier assist with dust problems?

The biggest misconception about air purifiers is that it is solely used for odor eliminationwhereas it is popularly used for dust removal, especially with the ever-increasing air pollution. As mentioned earlier, these microscopic dust particles float through the atmosphere until they eventually rest on a surface in your surroundings. An air purifier helps trap these floating minute particles that are barely seen to a human eye. An air purifier’s function is more than just making the air more enjoyable to breathe; it also helps keep your home cleaner by reducing dust accumulation in your surroundings.

Outdoor particles may include mold spores, pollen, and other organic debris. While being harmless to most people, those who have health conditions or can be triggered by breathing these environmental contaminants will suffer from allergies or asthma. External contaminant particles may have a small amount of scarier sources, such as arsenic, lead, and pesticides. Tobacco and other kinds of smoke, whether it comes from outside or inside your home, can contribute as a source of dust as well. An air purifier with a HEPA filter is the most practical way to keep dust from becoming a problem in your home. LakeAir air purifiers for dust removal with HEPA filters effectively remove even the smallest particles from the atmosphere. Air purifiers cannot wholly remove dust and allergens from your home’s air; they can generate a significant decrease with consistent usage.

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